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Gunfighters of Casa Grande

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Gunfighters Of Casa Grande (1964 Spain, USA / Director: Roy Rowland)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Release Date: 1.4.1964

Also known as

Los pistoleros de Casa Grande (Spain) | I pistoleros di Casa Grande (Italy) | Les Hors-la-loi de Casa Grande (France) | Pulverdampf in Casa Grande West (Germany) | Banditterne fra Casa Grande (Denmark) | Oi ekdikitai tou Casa Grande (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Alex Nicol (Joe Daylight), Jorge Mistral (Viajero/Traveler), Dick Bentley (Doc Kindley), Steve Rowland ('Laughing Kid'/Chico), Phil Posner (Henri Verain), Mercedes Alonso (Dona Maria de Castellar), Diana Lorys (Gitana), María Granada (Pacesita), Roberto Rey (Don Castellar de Verdugo), Aldo Sambrell (Rojo), Toni Fuentes (Carlos), Angel Solano (Don Ariola), Jim Gillen (sheriff), Mike Ekiss (deputy), Fernando Villena (Mario), Emilio Rodri­guez (Francisco), Ana María Custodio (Senora Durano), Mario De Barros (as Mario Barros)(Rio), Iván Tubau (Pecos), Antonio Mayans (as José Mayens)(Manuel), Mike Brendel (bartender), María José Collado (waitress), Simón Arriaga (Carvajal), José Manuel Martín (Don Luis Ariola)
  • Story: Borden Chase (Frank Fowler), Patricia Chase
  • Screenplay: Borden Chase (Frank Fowler), Patricia Chase, Clarke Reynolds
  • Cinematography: Jose F. Agauyo, Manuel Merino [Metrocolor, Cinemascope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Johnny Douglas + Robert Mellin
  • Songs: "Gunslingers of Casa Grande" + "Ride Pistoleros" sung by Luis Rodriguez
  • Producers: Lester Welch, Sam X. Abarbanel


In this western, a gambler wins a big Mexican ranch and decides to herd all of the cattle upon it into Texas. The crook enlists the aide of a few Mexicans, but they don't realize he plans to cheat them. En route, the cattle drivers are ambushed by banditos. They survive, but during the course of the struggle, the cattle hands learn the truth and ensure that justice gets served.

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