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'Doc' (USA 1971 / Director: Frank Perry). This is a US western shot in Spain

Also known as

Doc Holliday (Yugoslavia) | Pistoleros malditos (Spain) | Duelo a muerte en OK Corral (Spain) | Doc (Italy) | Doc (Germany) | Doc (U.S.A.) | DOC - O Massacre Dos Pistoleiros (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Stacy Keach (Doc Holliday), Faye Dunaway (Katie Elder), Harris Yulin (Wyatt Earp), Michael Witney (Ike Clanton), Denver John Collins (The Kid), Dan Greenburg (Clum), John Scanlon (Bartlett), Richard McKenzie (Sheriff John Behan), John Bottoms (Virgil Earp), Ferdinand Zogbaum (James Earp), Penelope Allen (Mattie Earp), Hedy Sontag (Ally Earp), James Greene (Frank McLowery), Antonia Rey (Concha), Philip Shafer, Marshall Efron (Mexican bartender), Fred Dennis (Johnny Ringo), Bruce M. Fischer (Billy Clanton), Gene Collins (hotel clerk), Mart Hulswit (Reverend Foster), Gene Reyes, Vivian Allen (whore), Luis Barboo (uncredited), Per Barclay (Clanton cowboy), Henri Bidon (Clanton cowboy), Sharon Fruitin (whore), Lucy Tiller (whore), Dan van Husen (Clanton cowboy), Gene Reyes (Wong), Luis Barboo
  • Story: Peter Hamill
  • Screenplay: Peter Hamill (as Pete Hamill)
  • Cinematography: Gerald Hirschfeld [Color by DeLuxe]
  • Music: Jimmy Webb
  • Producer: Frank Perry

Filming locations

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