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E per tetto un cielo di stelle/Opinions

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"Amigos" (the German title) is a mostly light-hearted comedy, but has some serious shades to it. It is carried by Gemma and Adorf who play two unlikely friends (in fact it's not clear why they become friends at all) who fail to make money despite some clever tricks. Petroni's direction is nice, and the script is tight. The story is interesting and entertaining. The light-heartedness might put some people off but I thought it was a really nice film. --Sebastian 20:43, 9 July 2008 (UTC)

The opening of the film is one of the best of the genre. The music fits perfectly with the satgecoach massacre and it's aftermath. Then the films loses continuity and it drifts from a hard drama to a light- hearted comedy. Sorry I don't care for films that drift from drama to comedy and back and there are several in the Spaghetti western genre. This could have been a top ten drama but instead it flies all over the place. -- [Tom Betts] 11:17 20 September 2008

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