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100 Rifles

From The Spaghetti Western Database

100 Rifles (USA 1968 / Tom Gries)

  • This is a US western shot in Spain
  • Runtime: 109 min
  • Release Date: 26.3.1969

Also known as

Ölümden korkmayanlar (Turkey) | 100 Gewehre (Germany) | Les 100 fusils (France) | Les Cent fusils (France) | 100 karabinów (Poland) | 100 rifler (Denmark) | Ta 100 kivääriä (Greece) | El Verdugo (Italy) | One Hundred Rifles (USA, alternative spelling) | 100 kivääriä (Finland) | Sadan kiväärin voimin (Finland) | 100 pušek (Czechoslovakia) | Viva Sarita! (Sweden) | 100 armas ao sol (Portugal) | Los cien rifles (Spain) | 100挺のライフル (Japan)


  • Cast: Jim Brown (Lyedecker), Raquel Welch (Sarita), Burt Reynolds (Yaqui Joe Herrera), Fernando Lamas (General Verdugo), Dan O'Herlihy (Steven Grimes), Eric Braeden [as Hans Gudegast](Lieutenant Franz Von Klemme), Michael Forest (Humara), Aldo Sambrell (Sergeant Paletes), Soledad Miranda (girl in hotel), Alberto Dalbes (Padre Francisco), Carlos Bravo (Lopez), José Manuel Martín (Sarita's father)
  • Also with: Sancho Gracia (Indian village leader), Miguel del Castillo (Yaqui leader), Rafael Albaicín (Yaqui soldier), Lorenzo Lamas (Indian boy), Akim Tamiroff (General Romero (scenes deleted))
  • Story: “The Californio” by Robert MacLeod
  • Screenplay: Clair Huffaker, Tom Gries
  • Cinematography: Cecilio Paniagua [DeLuxe Color - widescreen 1.85:1]
  • Music: Jerry Goldsmith
  • Producer: Marvin Schwartz


In 1912 Lydecker, a U.S. sheriff, crosses into Mexico in pursuit of Yaqui Joe, an outlaw, and becomes involved in a revolution.

Filming locations

  • Villamanta, Comunidad de Madrid (Spain)

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