20.000 dólares por un cadaver

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20.000 dolares por un cadaver (Spain 1969 / Director: José María Zabalza [as Peter Harrison])

  • Runtime: 81 min
  • Release Date: 1969
  • Filming locations: Colmenar viejo, Hoyo de Manzanares, Torremocha - Madrid

Also known as

Ehi! Gringo... scendi dalla croce (Italy) | Veinte mil dólares por un cadáver (Spain) | 20000 dollars pour un cadaver (France) | Twenty Thousand Dollars for Every Corpse | 20.000 Dólares Por Um Cadáver (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Miguel de la Riva [as Michael Rivers](Dale/Bruce Brice), Dyanik Zurakowska [as Barbara Carson](Helen/Dolly Brice), José Truchado (Ralston), Guillermo Méndez (sheriff), Fernando Sánchez Polack [as F.S. Polack](Red Burkett, outlaw), José Marco [as Jose Marcos](Raleigh, barber), Enrique Navarro (merchant), Juan Cortés (railroad rep), Javier Rivera (railroad superintendent), César García (Darby, Raleigh partner), Ricardo Costa (Matt, saloon outlaw), Ramón Lillo (outlaw), Manuel Rojas (railroad attack instigator), Antonio Orengo, (store employee), José María Zabalza (dental patient)
  • additional Italian cast credits (all pseudonyms): Luis Hoover, Arthur Sullivan, Katy Keller, Max Green, Frank Steimberg, Elizabeth Rush, Henry Hoover, Max Cort, Al Rivers, Francis Garcia, Richard Stock, Ray Hill
  • Story: Jose Maria Zabalza [as J.M. Zabalza]
  • Screenplay: Jose Maria Zabalza [as J.M. Zabalza]
  • Cinematography: Leopoldo Villasenor [Eastmancolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Ana Satrova
  • Producer: H. Santabal Valdes


The wagon transport company is trying to stop the progress of the railroad, but when the leader of the outlaw gang in charge of the disruptions is shot in a farm home invasion, a new leader must be found. The farmer decides to collect the reward for the outlaw and complications abound.


This third of Zabalza's westerns shot within the same time frame with much of the same supporting cast, sorely misses the charisma of Claudia Gravy and the coolness of Carlos Quiney. Don't be fooled by the Italian DVD cover, they are not in it. --carlos (talk) 01:50, 3 August 2015 (UTC)


Film is mistakenly listed as Adios Cjamango on the IMDB

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