20.000 dollari sul 7

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20.000 dollari sul 7 (Italy 1967 / Director: Alberto Cardone [as Albert Cardiff])

  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Release Date: 3.6.1967

Also known as

$20.000 On No. 7 (USA) | 20.000 Dolares Al Siete (Spain) | 20.000 Dollars Sur Le 7 (France) | Rächer ohne Gnade (Germany) | Blutiger Staub (Germany) | 20.000 Dolares Para Gringo (Brazil) | 20.000 Dollars For 7 Liv (Denmark) | 20.000 Dollars För En 7-a (Norway) | Gringo, o tromokratis (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Roberto Miali [as Jerry Wilson] (Jerry Kingio / Sterling Ascot), Adriano Micantoni [as Mike Antony] (Jack Collins), Aurora Battista [as Aurora Batista] (Peggy), Teodoro Corrà [as Doro Corrà] (Tyler Stiles), Ettore Bevilacqua [as Hector Boilleaux] (Guy), Spartaco Conversi [as Spean Convery] (Ringo), Umberto Salomone [as Humbert Salom] (Sam, the storekeeper), Roberto Danesi (eavesdropping henchman), Valentino Macchi
  • Also with: Franco Scala (bearded henchman), Franco Daddi (sex attacker)
  • Story: Roberto Miali, Gino Santini
  • Screenplay: Roberto Miali, Gino Santini
  • Cinematography: Gino Santini [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
  • Music: Franco Reitano + Gianni Sanjust


A young man comes to town to find the killer of his older brother. Aided by his two sidekicks and a bag containing $20,000 as bait, he hopes to draw out the gang and their leader, the suspected killer.


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