3 colpi di Winchester per Ringo

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3 colpi di Winchester per Ringo (Italy 1966 / Director: Emimmo Salvi)

  • Runtime: 99 min
  • Release Date: 16.3.1966

Also known as

3 Bullets for Ringo | Three Graves for a Winchester (U.S.A.) | Drei Kugeln für Ringo (Germany) | Trois Winchesters pour Ringo (France) | 3 coups de Winchester pour Ringo (France) | Un Winchester pour Ringo (France) | Tres balas para Ringo (Portugal) | Lo chiamavano Ora Pro Nobis (Italy, early '70s re-release) | Três Tiros De Ringo (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Gordon Mitchell (Frank 'The Texan' Sanders), Mickey Hargitay (Dick 'Ringo' Carson), Milla Sannoner (Jane Walcom), Ivano Staccioli [as John Heston](Daniels), Amedeo Trilli [as Mike Moore](Walcom), Spartaco Conversi [as Spean Convery](Tom), Margherita Horowitz [as Marghareta Horowitz](Mama Carson), Willy Miniver (Willy Carson), Dante Maggio (Dove, Walcom associate), Nino Fuscagni (Doctor Clark)
  • Also with: Enzo Maggio (bartender), Domenico Ravenna (Cy Osborne, landowner), Giulio Mauroni (Daniels henchman), Bruno Arié (Sanders henchman), Amerigo Castrighella (Sanders henchman), Enrico Chiappafreddo (Sanders henchman), Franco Pasquetto (Sanders henchman), Amerigo Castrighella (Sanders henchman), Fortunato Arena (Sanders henchman), Artemio Antonini (Sanders henchman), Remo Capitani (Sanders henchman), Fulvio Mingozzi (Sanders henchman)
  • Story: James Wilde Jr.
  • Screenplay: Ambrogio Molteni, Emimmo Salvi
  • Cinematgoraphy: Mario Parapetti [Telecolor - Totalscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Armando Sciascia
  • Producer: Franco Mannocchi


Was re-released as "Lo chiamavano Ora Pro Nobis" to cash in on the success of the Trinity movies.


Ringo Carson has a tough life. First, he has a falling out with his best friend, Frank Sanders, after saving Jane, the girl he loves, from Mexican kidnappers in order to extort a ransom from her gunrunner father. Frank goes off to the Civil War. Ringo reconciles with his estranged mother who needs his fast gun to protect her land from greedy land-grabber Daniels. Then Frank returns from the Civil War just in time to take a hand on the wrong side against Ringo, who is blinded by a blow to the head. Next, Ringo's mom is murdered in an effort to steal her deeds. From that point Ringo has to plot this revenge, save his wife from the clutches of his old friend, keep the deeds out of Daniels' hands, rescue his son from the clutches of the bad guys and wipe out all of Daniels' gunhands - a cinch for a blind man.

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