Adios Gringo

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Adios Gringo (Italy, France, Spain 1965 / Director: Giorgio Stegani)

  • Runtime: 100 min
  • Release Date: 22.12.1965

Also know as

Adiós Gringo (Spain) | Adeus Gringo (Portugal) | Adiós Gringo (France) | Żegnaj, Gringo (Poland) | Gringo - Skyd fra hoften (Denmark) | Spar sista kulan (Sweden, alternative title) | Sbohem, Gringo (Czech Republic) | 続・さすらいの一匹狼 Zoku sasurai no ippikiokami(Japan)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Giuliano Gemma (Brent Landers), Ida Galli [as Evelyn Stewart](Lucy Tillson), Roberto Camardiel [as Robert Camardiel](Dr. Barfield), Jesús Puente (Sheriff Tex Slaughter), Germano Longo [as Grant Laramy](Stan Clevenger), Gino Marturano [as Jean Martin](Mike Murphy), Massimo Righi [as Max Dean](Avery Ranchester), Monique Saint Clair [as Monique Saint Clare](Maude Clevenger), Sterling Rengel, Clyde Geryll, Frank Pascal, Ramón Pérez, Francisco Braña (outlaw leader), Pierre Cressoy [as Peter Cross](Clayton Ranchester)
  • Also with: Nello Pazzafini (Gil Clawson / Jack Dawson), Juan Cortés (Judge Blackburn), Nino Musco (man w/guitar giving directions), Mimo Billi (blacksmith giving directions ?), Osiride Pevarello (Ranchester henchman), Giancarlo Bastianoni (Ranchester henchman), Rinaldo Zamperla (Ranchester henchman), Gilberto Galimberti (Ranchester henchman), Franco Ukmar (Ranchester henchman), Franco Pasquetto (Ranchester henchman), Gonzalo Braña (outlaw), Antonio Orengo (Sage Crossing citizen fetching doctor), Agustín Bescos (Sage Crossing citizen), Mario Pennisi (Sage Crossing saloon patron), Joaquín Parra (Sage Crossing posse member), José Aquilino Montoya (Sage Crossing posse member), Alba Maiolini (Johnson City instigator), Bruno Ariè (Johnson City lynch mob member), Angelo Casadei (Johnson City lynch mob member), Sisto Brunetti (Johnson City lynch mob member), Alberigo Donadeo (Johnson City lynch mob member), Alfonso Giganti (Johnson City lynch mob member), Ettore Arena (lynch mob young man w/o hat), Romano Moraschini (Johnson City lynch mob member, Ranchester henchman)
  • Story: "Adios" by Harry Whittington
  • Screenplay José Luis Jerez, Michele Villerot, Giorgio Stegani [as George Finley]
  • Cinematography: Francisco Sempere [Eastmancolor, DoryScope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Benedetto Ghiglia
  • Song: "Adiós Gringo" sung by Fred Bongusto
  • Producer: Bruno Turchetto


After being falsely accused of cattle rustling and murder, rancher Brent Landers (Giuliano Gemma) follows the trail of the man who set him up. Landers happens upon the young Lucy (Evelyn Stewart), stripped naked, tied spread eagle to the ground, and left to bake in the hot desert sun after being sexually assaulted by three men who robbed her stagecoach. Tex Slaughter, the local sheriff, is more interested in handing Brent over for the reward on his head, so Landers has his hands full protecting the recuperating Lucy and bringing the men who raped her to justice, while also trying to stay alive long enough to clear his own name.


Italy's 3rd-biggest box-office hit of 1965, just behind FaFDM and One Silver Dollar and before the 2 Ringo films.


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