Africa - Texas style!

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Africa - Texas style! (UK, USA 1966 / Director: Andrew Marton)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern


Also known as

Cowboy in Africa (U.K.) | Un cowboy en Africa (Argentina) | Gefahrliche Abenteuer (Germany) | Cowboy in Africa

Cast and crew

Hugh O'Brian (Jim Sinclair), John Mills (Wing Commander Howard Hayes), Nigel Green (Karl Bekker), Tom Nardini (John Henry), Adrienne Corri (Fay Carter), Ronald Howard (Hugo Copp), Charles Malinda )Sampson), Honey Wamale (Mr. Donald Oyondi), Charles Hayes (veterinarian), Stephen Kikumu (Peter), Ali Twaha (Turk), Mohammed Abdullah (witch doctor), Hayley Mills (girl at airport)

  • Story: Andy White
  • Screenplay: Andy White
  • Cinematography: Paul Beeson [Eastmancolor]
  • Music: Malcolm Arnold
  • Song: “Harambee” sung by ?
  • Song: “Swahili Serenade” sung by ?
  • Producers: Andrew Marton, Ivan Tors


Two Texas cowboys are hired to capture wild African animals for a game ranch.

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