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Αγάπη και Αίμα/Love and Blood Pictures

Greek Posters

Agapi kai aima Poster01.jpg Agapi kai aima Poster02.jpg Agapi kai aima Poster03.jpg

International Posters

Agapikaiaima-frenchposter.jpg Coltsenvendetta.jpg Agapi Poster.jpg

German Lobby Cards

Verflucht lb01.jpg Verflucht lb02.jpg Verflucht sei der Tag der Rache lb03.jpg Verflucht lb04.jpg

German Ad Mat



Agapikaiaima-photo01.jpg Agapikaiaima-photo02.jpg Agapikaiaima-photo03.jpg

Agapikaiaima-photo04.jpg Agapikaiaima-photo05.jpg Agapikaiaima-photo06.jpg

Agapikaiaima-photo07.jpg Agapikaiaima-photo08.jpg Agapikaiaima-photo09.jpg

Agapikaiaima-photo10.jpg Agapikaiaima-photo11.jpg Agapikaiaima-photo12.jpg

For more official stills of the film look at the Greek Film Archive and at Finos Film Official Website.