Al di là della legge

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Al di là della legge (Italy, West Germany 1968 / Director: Giorgio Stegani)

  • Runtime: 115 min
  • Release Date: 10.4.1968
  • Filming locations: Tabernas - Almeria

Also known as

Beyond the Law (U.S.A.) | The Good Die First (U.S.A.) | Bloodsilver (U.K.) | The Last Bill is Yours (U.K.) | The Outrider (U.K.) | Die Letzte Rechnung zahlst Du selbst (Germany) | De laatste rekening betaal je zelf (The Netherlands) | Sheriffen i Silvertown (Denmark) | Mas alla de la ley (Spain) | Pas de pitie pour les salopards (France) | Turpa tukkoon (Finland) | Az utolso szamlat te fizeted (Hungary) | Utenfor loven (Norway) | Do diabła z prawem! (Poland) | Sheriffen i Silvertown (Sweden) | À Margem da lei (Portugal) | O Dia da Lei (Brazil) | Acima Da Lei / Um Colt Para Os Filhos Do Demônio (Brazil) | Pio pera apo ton nomo (Greece) | I teleftaia sfaira gia ton serifi (Greece) | Mimo zákon (Czech Republic) | 風の無法者 Kaze no muhomono (Japan) | Извън закона (Bulgaria) | Отвъд закона (Bulgaria alternative title)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Lee Van Cleef (Joe Billy Cudlip), Antonio Sabato (Ben Novak), Lionel Stander (Preacher), Graziella Granata (Sally Davis), Bud Spencer (James Cooper), Carlo Gaddi (Boyd, Burton henchman), Ann Smyrner (Lola, singer), Herbert Fux (Eustaccio/Denholm, blacksmith), Enzo Fiermonte (Sheriff John Ferguson), Al Hoosman (Al), Fernando Poggi, Hans Elwenspoek (Mr. Davis / Abe Pik), Romano Puppo (Lem, Burton henchman), Adriana Facchetti (hotel owner), Valentina Arrigoni (Betty ?), Nino Nini (stage passenger), Gunther Stoll (Burton lieutenant), Gordon Mitchell (Burton)
  • Also with: Salvatore Billa (Diego, Burton henchman), Giuseppe Castellano (red bearded miner), Renate Kasche (schoolmarm), Alberigo Donadeo (mine worker), Angelo Casadei (mine worker), Dolores Calò (keg server), Enrico Chiappafreddo (shootout victim), Giovanni Ukmar (shootout victim), Michele Branca (Burton henchman), Mirko Bajocchi (squeezebox player), Sergio Ukmar (shootout victim), Sergio Testori (shootout victim, Burton henchman), Virgilio Ponti (saloon troublemaker), Mickey Knox, Sergio Ferrero
  • Story: Lorenzo Sabatini [as Warren Kiefer]
  • Screenplay: Fernando Di Leo, Mino Roli, Lorenzo Sabatini [as Warren Kiefer], Ina Hilger, Giorgio Stegani
  • Cinematography: Enzo Serafin [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Riz Ortolani
  • Song: "How Much You Miss Me" sung by Katyna Ranieri
  • Producers: Alfonso Sansone, Henryk Chroscicki


An outlaw (Lee Van Cleef) decides to change his life and become one of the good guys. But when he's named sheriff, he finds himself torn between the forces of good and evil, uphold the law or succumb to the temptation of a shipment of silver worth a fortune?


Unlike Clint Eastwood, who in the 1960s was cast as the Man With No Name, Beyond the Law star Lee Van Cleef has a name, and a very functional one. Van Cleef is known to one and all as Bandit turned Sheriff, Joe Billy Cudlip. Van Cleef only pretends to reform so that he can steal a load of silver. Since it's hard to watch Beyond the Law with a straight face to begin with, the producers wisely decided to turn this spaghetti western into a semi-comedy. Released in Italy in 1968 as Al Di La Della Legge, Beyond the Law was distributed in the US in 1971.

Lee Van Cleef stars as a ragged thief in this very entertaining and well made western, where he turns from vagabond to Sheriff in order to steal money and silver from the local mining company's boss, played by Bud Spencer. A very "American" western with nice music, lots of action, fun and a nice story --Sebastian 08:29, 10 Sep 2005 (CEST)

I like this too: the "cons" and plot twists are interesting, and the characters are a likable bunch and fun to "spend time with". Bud Spencer brings a surprising amount of nuance to the dour company boss, Lionel Stander is alternately creepy and funny as the "Preacher" who is fundamentally less honorable than his comrades, and Lee turns in an intriguing, oddly vulnerable performance as a man who keeps trying on different roles or personas that don't quite fit him, while consistently rejecting the "evil" persona that would fit him only too well. This movie comes in a variety of lengths and edits, so choose carefully, if you have a choice. -derringdo

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