Almeria Western Film Festival 2011

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The Almería Western Film Festival (official website) is the first European festival dedicated exclusively to the Western genre and it stands as a meeting point for the Western cinema worldwide.

It annually presents a selection of western films from various countries. The festival's mission is to promote the Western genre for the professionals and the public through the selected films.

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Aside from current productions, a selection of retrospective screenings of spaghetti westerns will be played. Which formats, languages and subtitles will be available is not confirmed yet at this point, they will most likely include both Spanish and English languages:


Reverendo Colt (1970, Marino Girolami) - Sept 8


Arizona Colt Returns (1970, Sergio Martino) - Sept 8

FourApocalypse DatabasePage.jpg

Four of the Apocalypse (1975, Lucio Fulci) - Sept 9

Camposanto DatabasePage.jpg

Bullet for a Stranger (1971, Giuliano Carnimeo) - Sept 9


Shoot the living, pray for the dead (1971, Giuseppe Vari) - Sept 10

DuckYouSucker DatabasePage.jpg

Duck, You Sucker! (1971, Sergio Leone) - Sept 11

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The SWDB is proud media partner of the festival.

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