Anche nel west c'era una volta Dio

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Anche nel West c'era una volta Dio (Italy · Spain 1968 / Director: Marino Girolami)

Also known as

Con Dio, con il diavolo e col Winchester (Italy) | Entre Dios y el diablo (Spain) | God Was Once in the West (UK) | Between God, the Devil and a Winchester (USA) | Den Gode, djävulen och winchester (Sweden) | Luojan ja paholaisen välissä (Finland) | Ta Tsakalia tou Rio Bravo (Greece) | Un colt et le diable (France) | Inferno no Oester (Belgium) | Een colt en de duivel (Holland) | I na Zapado je jednom postojao bpg (Yugoslavia) | Entre Dios, el diablo y el arma (Spain) | Even in the West There Was a God Once Upon a Time | God Was in the West, Too, at One Time | Inferno No Oeste (Brazil)
Between Good the Devil and the Winchester movie poster


A map marks the hiding place of a stolen treasure. Many people are after it but it's Tommy, an orphan, who finds it and leaves with his uncle, a priest and two Mexicans for the insidious Sierra Blanca.


  • Cast: Richard Harrison (Father Pat Jordan), Gilbert Roland (Juan Chasquido / Jess Guido), Ennio Girolami [as Enio Girolami](Marco Serraldo), Roberto Camardiel (Uncle Pink), Dominique Boschero (Martha), Humberto Sempere (Teddy / Tommy), Raf Baldassarre (Pedro Butcher), Folco Lulli (Colonel Bob Ford), Rocco Lerro (Miguel, Butcher lieutenant), Gonzalo Esquirez, José Luis Lluch (Butcher bandit), Mirella Panfili, Luis Barboo (Zed), Xan das Bolas (Hoagie, peddler), Enzo G. Castellari, José Maria Ecenarro, Rafael de la Rosa, José Sacristan, José Sanchez
  • Director: Marino Girolami [as Dario Silvestri]
  • Story: Marino Girolami based on "Treasure Island" by Robert Luis Stevenson
  • Screenplay: Tito Carpi, Manuel Martinez Remis, Amedeo Sollazo
  • Cinematography: Pablo Ripoll, Alberto Fusi [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Carlo Savina
  • Song: "Heart of Stone" sung by Raoul
  • Producer: Rafael Marina



Basedon Stevenson's Treasure Island.

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 102 min

Release Dates

  • Release Date: 7.10.1968

Filming locations

Sesena - Madrid

Production and business

Production companies: Circus Film; R.M. Films





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