Anda muchacho, spara!

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Anda muchacho, spara! (Italy · Spain 1971 / Director: Aldo Florio)

Also known as

Dead Men Ride (USA) | At The End Of The Rainbow (English dubbed version) | Il sole sotto la terra (Italy) | Knie nieder und friss Staub (Germany) | Ma derniere balle sera pour toi (French) | El sol bajo la tierra (Spain) | Ele aí está (Portugal) | Mrtví jezdci (Czech Republic) | O Pistoleiro Do Inferno (Brazil) | 行け、野郎、撃て!Ike yaro ute! (Japan, DVD title) | M'n Laatste Kogel Zal Voor Jou Zijn (Belgium)
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Roy escapes from a hard labor prison camp and goes into hiding in a small mining village where his arrival somewhat upsets the plans of a shady trio, Redfield, Lawrence and Newman, who have been holding the mining community hostage and paying them starvation wages for the gold they have been laboriously extracting. After being hired by Redfield, who is incidently plotting to kill his two accomplices, Roy sets about sabotaging the relationships of the three leaders and slowly revealing his hidden agenda.


  • Cast (Italian): Fabio Testi (Roy Greenford), Charo López (Jessica), José Calvo (Joselito), Ben Carra (Lawrence), Romano Puppo [as Roman Barrett](Newman), Massimo Serato (Emiliano), Eduardo Fajardo (Redfield), Daniel Martin (Pedro, Mexican miner), Goffredo Unger (Chris, Redfield henchman), Mario Morales (Miguel, informer), Luciano Pigozzi (Manolo, barber), Francisco Sanz (telegrapher), José Nieto (Sheriff Mortimer), Fabián Conde (Francisco, miner), Barbara Pignaton (whore)
  • Uncredited actors: Miguel del Castillo (Shaffer, bank cashier), Rufino Inglés (saloon proprietor), Mario Novelli (Alan, Redfield henchman), Joaquín Parra (Burt, Redfield henchman), Antonio Basile (Redfield henchman), Gonzalo Esquiroz (Redfield henchman), Oscar Giustini (Redfield henchman), Riccardo Petrazzi (Redfield henchman), Antonio Ponciano (deputy), Antonio Orengo (judge), Joaquín Solís (bandit)
  • Story and Screenplay: Aldo Florio, Eduardo Manzanos Brochero, Bruno Di Geronimo
  • Cinematography: Emilio Foriscot [Eastmancolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Bruno Nicolai
  • Producers: Eduardo Manzanos Brochero, Alfredo Nicolai



Versions and runtimes

Release Dates

  • August 16, 1971 (Italy)

Filming locations

  • Alcala de Henares
  • Casa de Campo
  • Colmenar viejo - Madrid

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