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Un animale chiamato uomo (Italy 1972 / Director: Roberto Mauri)

Also known as

An Animal Called Man (USA) | Cei homme est un animal (France) | Les 2 pistoleros de Sylver City (France) | Enas satanas pou ton legane anthropo (Greece) | Bill & John - Lännenveijarit vauhdissa (Finland) | Bill og John - Vaelter byen (Denmark) | Dom kallar mig odjuret (Sweden) | Bill & John - Westerns storsta oljud (Sweden) | El cadaver nuestra de cada dia (Venezuela) | Um Animal Chamado Homem (Brazil)
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Clever sharpshooter Bill and his dim-witted buddy Johnny bicycle into Silver City to participate in the annual shooting tournament. Usually, corrupt rancher Forester wins, but this time he's beat by Bill, and he's not happy about it. Bill wins 500$ and a night with beautiful Saloon dancer Yvette, who's really a doctor but can't get any medical work in town. Since Bill and Johnny have already gotten in the way of Forester, they decide, with a little help from Yvette, to try to free Silver City from his grip.


  • Cast: Vassili Karis (Bill Matson), Omero Capanna (Johnny), Gillian Bray [as Lillian Bray] (Dr. Yvette, dancer), Craig Hill (Mark Foster/Forester), Paolo Magalotti (sheriff), Gilberto Galimberti (Joe, Foster lieutenant), Sergio Serafini [as Sergio Serafin] (Foster henchman), Carla Mancini, Aristide Caporale (horse seller), Virgilio Ponti (deputy), Enrico Chiappafreddo (deputy), Alba Maiolini (farmer's wife), Bruno Ukmar (Foster 2nd lieutenant), Giancarlo Ukmar (Foster henchman), Angelo Boscariol (Foster henchman), Alfonso Giganti (barman), Roberto Dell'Acqua (blond brawler), Clemente Ukmar (farmer's son), Giulio Maculani (farmer's son), Amerigo Santarelli (2nd farmer), Giuseppe Carbone
  • Story: Roberto Mauri
  • Screenplay: Roberto Mauri
  • Cinematography: Luigi Ciccarese [Eastmancolor]
  • Music: Carlo Savina
  • Producer: Romano Vincenzo (as Mano Vincenzo)


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  • Actors Vassili Karis and Gillian Bray were a couple at the production time of "An Animal Called Man", as an amusing magazine photo proves.
  • Rather inexplicable, the film's title refers to the 1970 blockbuster "A Man Called Horse" (in Italy: "Un Uomo Chiamato Cavallo"). This makes little sense since that was a grim shocker while "An Animal Called Man" copies the Trinity-style comedies.
  • Simple-minded, stuttering, good-hearted Johnny was the only leading role in stuntman Omero Capanna's long career. He entered Italian film business with 17 years, his father Otello had been a stuntman as well. Capanna worked in and on a total of 428 films, sometimes as a stuntman or stunt coordinator, sometimes in small roles. He died in 2003, aged 61.
  • Rumor has it that Craig Hill decided to leave the film before all of his scenes were shot. That's most likely the reason for his strange exit near the end of the film.

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 85 min

Release Dates

  • Release Date: 23.12.1972

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