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There are some Spaghetti Western characters that are so popular, that entire series of films have remade, or used the characters name in order to sell tickets. The most famous ones are...



Django is a lone drifter who carries a mysterious coffin behind him. He is featured in far too many films to describe his true occupation or intentions.

Django is the most famous of any Spaghetti Western character. He is cold and emotionless. A true anti hero. Very deadly and unpredictable. He carries a coffin around which carries a gatling gun. This adds to the character's unpredictability and his deadliness. He is quick on the draw and a good fighter. He is also a double crosser. This makes him even more of an anti hero. His appearance is not too far removed from that of a grave digger. He wears an old tattered Union overcoat with a scarf and fingerless gloves. He carries a colt peacemaker and a gatling gun.

He was played by Franco Nero in "Django" directed by Sergio Corbucci. The only other films with real Djangos are Django, Prepare the Coffin and Django Strikes Back.


Sartana is a mysterious character. He is a drifting gunfighter who is often confused with a ghost. He is "shot" several times but always returns to kill the bad guys. He is also a gambler. His skill at cards often leads to a gunfight. His opponents are often sore losers at poker. It is also suggested in the first film in the series that he could be an insurance company agent. His true occupation is truly unknown but he often operates as a vigilante. He kills people for their sins but doesn't necessarily work for money.

He was played by Gianni Garko in several films. The bulk of which were directed by Giuliano Carnimeo. But the series was started by Gianfranco Parolini.

by korano

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