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Arde baby, arde (Mexico, Italy 1971 / Director: José Bolaños [as José Antonio Bolaños])

  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Release Date: 1974 or 75

Also known as

Serpente a sonagli (Italy) | Lucky Johnny (U.K.) | Dead Aim (U.S.A.) | Lucky Johnny - Der Fluch der Klapperschlange (Germany) | Alvo Morto (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Venetia Vianello (Maria St. John / Kelly), Glen Lee (Johnny), Evaristo Márquez (Lucius), Virgil Frye (Jack Poggin), James Westerfield (John Applebee), Sonny Vandeusen) [as Granville van Deusen](Sonny), Tony Monaco (prison wagon driver), Billy Joe Rouck [as Billy Joe Roucke](prisoner), Eduardo Bonada (townsman), Jorge Russek [as George Russek](District Commissioner), Barbara Angely (Sara), Carlos East (Deek)
  • Screenplay: José Bolaños (as José Antonio Balanos), Pedro F. Miret (as Pedro Miret)
  • Cinematography: Alex Phillips [Technicolor - Panavision 2,35:1]
  • Music: Luchi De Jesus
  • Song: "Where's Love" sung by Mel Carter
  • Editors: Nino Barragli, Bob Wyman
  • Producer: Juan Abusaid Ríos


A story of two men, one young, one old, wandering through desert towns picking up dead bodies for burial, when they are unable to find any they make their own! An orphaned infant (Johnny, the young one) was snatched from the jaws of death by the territorial undertaker (Applebee, the old one) and the youth grows into manhood as a deadly gunfighter. A beautiful woman captures his heart but her outlaw lover stands in the way.


Shown at the 1971 Venice Film Festival as Arde, baby arde the film was originally shot in English and according to AMG was re-edited and not released until 1974.


A Mexican western co-produced by an Italian company and filmed in an unmistakably SW style, Arde, baby arde pretty much remains an unknown film. It has style and it has several promising ideas, but this highly incohesive film seems to come from at least 3 different screenplays and fails to bring anything together. A truly strange and weird watching experience.

by Stanton

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