Arriva Durango, paga o muori

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Arriva Durango, paga o muori (Italy 1971 / Director: Roberto Bianchi Montero)

  • Runtime: 100 min
  • Release Date: 5.3.1971

Also known as

Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die (USA) | Durango encaisse ou tue (France) | Na Mira Do Colt... Paga Ou Morre! (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Brad Harris (Durango), José Torres (El Tuerto), Gisela Hahn (Margot), Maretta Procaccini [as Maretta] (Jane Sullivan), Gino Lavagetto (Ferguson), Roberto Messina (Morris, Ferguson henchman), Gisleno Procaccini [as Gis Cooper], Ivo Scherpiani [as Ivo Scarpiani] (Sullivan), Emilio Zago (Reverend), Claudio Trionfi, Franco Pasquetto (Ferguson bearded henchman), Gino Turini (Esquimindi, Avellana bandit), Emilio Messina (Diego Avellana), Attilio Dottesio (Peter, barman), Irio Fantini (2nd barman)
  • Also with: Sandro Scarchilli (Manuel Bienvenido), Virgilio Ponti (Bienvenido bandit), Fulvio Pellegrino (Tucson citizen), Fortunato Arena (gambler), Giovanni Cianfriglia (bandit), Gaetano Scala (bandit), Domenico Cianfriglia (bandit), Arnaldo Dell'Acqua (bandit), Omero Capanna (guitar player), Vincenzo Maggio (Avellana bandit), Bruno Arié (South West Lines man)
  • Story: Mario Guerra, Vittoriano Vighi
  • Screenplay: Mario Guerra, Vittoriano Vighi
  • Cinematography: Mario Mancini [Eastmancolor - Cinescope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Lallo Gori
  • Producer: Gisleno Procaccini

The Film

Durango, a debt collector, arrives in the town of Tucson, where he is hired by a bank director called Ferguson, who refuses to pay him his fee afterwards. Durango is thrown in jail on a false accusation but manages to escape and teams up with a Mexican bandit to get even with Ferguson, who has concocted a complicated plan to rob a shipment of gold belonging to the people of Tucson.


This is the second of a planned trilogy with Harris, who would play Sartana in all three movies. There are still some traces of the original plans, but Harris plays a character called Durango, and the film often feels like a pre-Leone spaghetti western, only with more violence – Scherpschutter


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