Aventure en Ontario

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Aventure en Ontario (France / West Germany / Romania / Austria, 1969 / Directors: Jean Dréville, Sergiu Nicolaescu)

Also known as

Aventura in Ontario (Romania) | Dobrodružství v Ontáriu (Czechoslovakia) | Tropiciel Sladow (Poland) | Indiankaland Ontarioban (Hungary) | Die Lederstrumpf-Erzählungen, Teil 3: Das Fort am Biberfluss (West Germany/TV) | La legende de bas de cuir, episode 3: Aventures en Ontario (France/TV)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Hellmut Lange (Nathaniel "Natty" Bumppo), Pierre Massimi (Chingachgook), Juliette Villard (Mabel Dunham), Daniel Crohem (Major Dunham), Christian Duroc (Lieutenant Jasper), Czach Szabolcs (Arrowhead), Gilbert Normand (Captain Muir)
  • Story: James Fenimore Cooper (his samename novel)
  • Adaptation: Jacques Rémy, Paul Andreota, Maurice Bessy
  • Screenplay: Jacques Rémy, Paul Andreota, Maurice Bessy
  • Directors of Photography: André Zarra, George Cornea
  • Music: George Grigoriu + Robert Mellin
  • Editor: Borys Lewin
  • Art Director: Aureliu Ionescu
  • Set Decorator: Aureliu Ionescu
  • Make-Up: Rosalia Bartha, Nicole Félix
  • Producers: Henry Deutschmeister, Walter Ulbrich


Natty Bumppo and his friend Chingachgook live from deer hunting. Bumppo does not obey the protective season, which is against the law. The Sheriff locks him up but Chingachgook can free him. Now they are outlaws. They flee west and arrive at Fort Henry. There they meet Major Dunham, the commanding Officer and acquaintance of Natty, as well as Lieutenant Jasper and Captain Muir, who compete for the favor of the Major's daughter Mabel. Muir has shared secret information about the fort with neighboring Sioux Indians. He also sent a fake message to Mabel, who had been brought to safety, according to which she should go back to the fort. On the way back, Natty and Chingachgook save her from a Sioux raid. The Sioux plan to attack the fort and lure the whites out to weaken it. Major Dunham falls in the fight against the Indians. In the end, the traitor is exposed and killed.


Adated from the "Leatherstocking Tales" by James Fenimore Cooper, this co-production between France, West Germany and Romania was shown in movie theatres in Eastern Europe and as third of a four part TV-series in Germany and France.

The other parts of the series are Vînatorul de cerbi, Ultimul Mohican and Preria.

Romanian co-director Sergiu Nicolaescu remained uncredited in the German and French TV-versions.

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