Ay, ay, Sheriff

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Ay, ay, Sheriff (Germany 1974 / TV / Director: Rolf Olsen)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
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  • Runtime: 72 min
  • Release Date: January 26, 1974

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff (Captain Senkstake), Dinah Hinz (Saloon Lady), Frithjof Vierock (Sailor Bruno), Erik Schumann (Black Jack), Richard Bohne (gold digger Dick), Jürgen Feindt (Jim), Christian Skrobek (Lazy Jeff), Gerhard Frickhöffer (bank director), Georg Lehn (undertaker), Anita Mally (Frances, gold digger Dick’s daughter), Maria Paudler (bordello owner), Ilse Peternell (Mrs. Wilson), Brigitte Stein (Jenny, the bank director’s daughter)
  • Screenplay: Stefan Gommermann
  • Cinematography: Franz X. Lederle [color]
  • Editor: Dietmar Preuß
  • Music: Sonoton Library
  • Producer: Wolf D. Oppen


Captain Senkstake and sailor Bruno are shipwrecked in America. They run into an old gold digger who offers to take them to the nearest town, Bloody City. On the way they are being attacked by Black Jack and his bandits. The old man is shot and Senkstake and Bruno decide to make it to Bloody City on their own to hand the old man's bag of gold to his daughter. Bloody City suffers under a severe lack of law as Black Jack uses to shoot the sheriff of the week every Wednesday at noon. When Captain Senkstake arrives in town, the citizens immediately make him the new sheriff. Little does Senkstake know of the job's dangers, but soon enough his courage and wit make him a real problem for Black Jack and his gang.


First episode of German three-part television series "Käpt’n Senkstakes Abenteuer" (The Adventures of Captain Senkstake), first aired on January 26, 1974, and later released on VHS. Episodes two and three take place in Scotland and Africa.

Filmed on the Canary Islands.

Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff was a popular German actor and TV host of the 60s and 70s.

Director Rolf Olsen is seen in a cameo as the Saloon pianist.