Bianco, il giallo, il nero, Il

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Il bianco, il giallo, il nero (Italy, Spain, France 1974 / Director: Sergio Corbucci)

  • Runtime: 111 min
  • Release Date: 17.1.75
  • Filming locations: Sesena - Madrid, Tabernas - Almeria

Also known as

Le blanc, le jaune et le noir (France) | El blanco, el amarillo y el negro (Spain) | Samurai (Canada) | The White, the Yellow, and the Black (U.S.A.) | Stetson - Drei Halunken erster Klasse (Germany) | Dispara primeiro... pergunta depois (Portugal) | O Último Samurai do Oeste (Brazil) | Pahat, kierot ja katalat (Finland) | Napřed střílej, pak se ptej (Czech Republic) | Shoot First... Ask Questions Later | O Branco, O Vermelho, O Negro! (Brazil) | Белия, Жълтия и Черния (Bulgaria) | Самурай (Bulgaria VHS title) | ザ・サムライ 荒野の珍道中 (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Giuliano Gemma (Blanc de Blanc / Stetson / Swiss), Thomas Milian (Sakura), Eli Wallach (Sheriff Edward 'Black Jack' Gideon), Manuel de Blas (Captain 'Crazy' Donovan), Jacques Berthier (Butler, banker), Romano Puppo (Kelly, Butler henchman), Nazzareno Zamperla (Donovan sergeant), Edy Biagetti, Hideo Saito (Yamoto/Osaka), France Nuyen (Console Giappones), Lorenzo Robledo (colonel), Giovanni Petti, Tito Garcí­a (Watson brother), Franco Tocci (train guard), Cris Huerta (Robinson Watson/Grasso), Rafael Albaicà­n (Comanchero, gold guard), Lorenzo Piani (Watson brother w/club), Carla Mancini, Mirta Miller (Madam 'Red' Lou), Dan van Husen (Donovan's bloodthirsty cousin), Luis Induni (blond Watson brother), María Isbert (Clementine Gideon), Víctor Israel (Tuxeda prisoner), Ricardo G. Lilló (Tuxeda priest), José Villasante (chief), Pascual Barrachina, Anne Bataille, Alfonso de la Vega, Beni Deus, Ana Farra, Lisardo Iglesias, José Panizo, Fernando San José, Joaquín Solà­s, Pietro Torrisi, Ernesto Yáñez
  • Story: Marcello Coscia, Antonio Troiso
  • Screenplay: Mario Amendola, Renee Asseo, Luis G. de Blain, Sergio Corbucci, Santiago Moncada
  • Cinematography: Luis Cuadrado [Technicolor - CinemaScope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
  • Songs: "White, Yellow and Black" + "Bump (Uba-lega-uga-la)" sung by Dilly Dilly
  • Producer: Solino Norberto


Sheriff Black Jack Gideon (the black) is hired to help retrieve a stolen prized horse which was to be Japan's gift to the President of the United States. Along with him is a wanna-be Samurai, Sakura (the yellow), and a suave outlaw known as Swiss (the white). The three battle Confederate outlaws, Indians and each other to retrieve the stolen horse.


The White, the Yellow, the Black is "a comedy, which reveals according to screenplay and directing the opinion, that the intelligence of the audience is in a downward tendency of alarming dimensions" (Variety). Sergio Corbucci's last western is a rather sad affair, as it is an unworthy end to the SW output of this once brilliant director. The film is mainly an unfunny and often stupid comedy, which here and there shows some of the last glimpses of the director's former style. I wish he hadn't made it. / by Stanton

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