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Blauvogel (East Germany 1979 / Director: Ulrich Weiß)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Blauvogel-Poster.jpg Contents:

  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 13.12.1979

Also known as

Prietenii mei, indiennii (Romania) | A szöke indián (Hungary) | Blue Bird (U.S.A.) | Blue Hawk

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Robin Jaeger (George/Blue Bird as a child), Gabriel Marian Oseciuc (George/Blue Bird), Jutta Hoffman (Mildred Ruster), Kurt Böwe (John Ruster), Jan Spitzer (Andrew), Ileana Mavrodineanu (Mittagssonne), Gheorghe Patru (Kleinbär), Anca Szonyi (Malia as an adult) Gheorghe Haliu (Fuchs), Niulina Ursanu (Malia as a child), Petrut Traian (Whitchair), Valentin Loghin (Rauchiger Tag), Alexandru Platon (Bote), Vasile Popa (kidnapper), Adrian Mihai (kidnapper), Violeta Andrei, Gerd Nissler, Niculai Peniuc, Razvan Vasilescu, Ion Angelescu-Moreni, Anja Scheinert, Marina Krogull, Carl-Hermann Risse, Norbert Speer, Jörg Foth (as George Catlin)(Maler), Egon Günther (Archie)
  • Story: Anna Jürgen
  • Screenplay: Ulrich Weiß, Gerd Gericke
  • Cinematography: Otto Hanish [color]
  • Music: Peter Rabenalt
  • Producer: Hans-Erich Busch


In the mid 1700s during the time of war between France and Britain, George, a young boy, is abducted by the French and raised by Iroquois, where he grows up as one of theirs to replace the chief's dead son. As an adult, George returns to the colonists where he finds himself estranged and torn between the civilizations.