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< Blindman

"After the surprising worldwide success of the first 2 Stranger films, actor-producer Tony Anthony seemed to have realised that his odd sense of humour (which remains singular many years after) deserves much of the "success credit". ... With Blindman, Anthony, in collaboration with director Ferdinando Baldi, decides to really push the boundaries of the SW. The result was another international success, and one of the most unusual films ever made." (William Connolly)

And Blindman is really a western of exorbitances, and excesses, and crudities, but succeeds in building on an overall feel of a tasteful tastelessness. Even the beautiful music seems to be aggressive. And the greatest exorbitance is, that it is after all a surprisingly stylishly made film.

by Stanton

Short reviews

I recently saw this movie again and have to say that I simply love this movie. It is no classic western like Fistful of Dollars or other examples. This flick is special, because of its untypical plot. Imagine a blind cowboy who wants to fulfil the treaty to transfer 50 women to workers in the mines. Great! The second thing I really like about the movie is the acting of Tony Anthony. He plays the blindman that well, so that every woman simply fall in love seeing him in this role ;) Finally, as you probably noticed, I like it very much, because it is special and well played. The only thing I didn't like that much was the music in some parts of the movie. But this minus isn't that heavy. --Lode 17:14, 5 July 2006 (CEST)

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