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Blood Church

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Year: 1985, Director: Tom Vacca

The existence of this film is in dispute.

Cast and crew

Gaithor Brownne (Pancho Villa), Carmella N. Hall (Esmeralda), Buxx Banner (Gordito), Woo Manchini (Lupito Rosario), Mikel Short (Colonel Pershing), Christina Mariloni (girl in church), Mic Nuggette (man #1 crushed in bell), Fiad Raipter (man #2 crushed in bell), Arturo Vecinia (man #3 crushed in bell), Vito Gallanti (Lietch), Doug Graves (Forbes), Julio Deasavito (Julio), Michael Dale Cooper (Sheriff Marshall), Grover Henderson (Torch)

  • Screenplay: Ferni Grabaldi
  • Cinematagraphy: ? [color]
  • Music: Buxx Banner
  • Songs: “Ballad of Blood Church”, “A Bell for Lupita”, “Who put the G” sung by Buxx Banner
  • Producer: Ferni Grabaldi, Tom Vacca


Pancho Villa attempts to return a mission bell to a small church in New Mexico, at the request of a young girl named Lupita. Along the way, Villa must dodge bounty hunters, Pershing's troops, angry cattlemen and a bumbling sidekick.