Botte di Natale

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Botte di Natale (Italy, Germany 1994 / Director: Terence Hill)

  • Runtime: 106 min
  • Release Date: 1994
  • Filming Locations: USA

Also known as

Troublemakers (U.S.A.) | The Fight Before Christmas (U.S.A.) | The Night Before Christmas (U.S.A.) | The Trouble Makers (U.S.A.) | Die Troublemaker (Germany) | Minä armahdan Mooses ei (Finland) | Y en Nochebuena se armó el belén (Spain) | Os Caça-Sarilhos (Portugal) | Bunyó karácsonyig (Hungary) | Petit papa baston (France) | Łowcy klopotów (Poland) | A Volta de Trinity (Portugal) | Blb a blbec (Czech Republic) | Průseráři (Czech Republic) | Trinity A Volta De Trinity / O Encrenqueiro (Brazil) | Битката преди Коледа (Bulgaria)


Bud Spencer (Moses), Terence Hill (Travis), Boots Southerland (Sam Stone), Neil Summers (Dodge), Ruth Buzzi (Maw), Anne Kasprik (Bridget), Eva Haßmann (as Eva Haßmann)(Melle), Ron Carey (Sheriff Fox), Fritz Sperberg (Deputy Joe), Radha Delamarter (Janie), Jonathan Tucker (Moses Jr.), Paloma von Broadley, Samantha Waidler, Kevin Barker, Brian Barker, Charlie Barker, Sarah Waidler, Lauren Myers, Natasha Goslow, Pilar O'Connel (as Pilar O'Connell), J.D. Garfield (as John David Garfield), Paul Ukena, Tom Eiden, Bo Greigh, Forrie J. Smith, Steven Gregory Tyler (as Steven G. Tyler), Jack Caffrey, Geoffrey C. Martin (as Geoffrey Martin), Lou Baker, Adam Taylor, Sommer Betsworth, Jerry Gardner, Jess Hill, Michael McCormick, Harriet Medin (as Harriet White), Patrick Myers, Tom Connor, J. Michael Oliva (as J. Michael 'Yak' Oliva), William P. Tazzie (as William P. Yazzie), Aviva (as Aviva Farber), Taunee Watson, Massimiliano Ubaldi, Michael Huddleston (blacksmith)(uncredited)


  • Screenplay: Jess Hill
  • Cinematography: Carlo Tafani (Color - Cinemascope 2,35:1)
  • Music: Pino Donaggio
  • Producers: Giuseppe Pedersoli, Matthias Wendlandt, Willy Egger (executive producer), Günther Russ (executive producer)


While their Maw frets about a Christmas family reunion, estranged bountyhunter brothers Travis (Terence Hill) and Moses (Bud Spencer) sniff around the idea of reteaming. Whereas Travis risks his life freeing desperadoes like Sam Stone from the hangman's noose to insure their gratitude as a future annuity, Moses divides his time between raising a large clan and rounding up outlaws in bunches. Mistrusting his goof-off brother, Moses is too tempted by a record-breaking reward not to accept Travis's assistance in tracking the very same Sam Stone.


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