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Braccati 1.jpg

Braccati (Italy 2001 / Director: Gabriele Albanesi)

  • Runtime: 23 min
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Release Date: 08.01.2001

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Gennaro Diana (John Baxter), Mauro Santopietro (Ben), Giuliano Calandra (George), Michele Calabrò (Vecchio), Gregory J. Rossi (Uomo senza braccio)
  • Story: Gabriele Albanesi
  • Screenplay: Gabriele Albanesi
  • Cinematography: Giacomo Cimini
  • Music: Silvio Villa
  • Producers: Gabriele Albanesi, Sergio Centioni


A family of cowboys, holding out in a shack under siege by the Sheriff's men, must face the assault of a mysterious presence during the night.


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