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Known album releases on CD and Vinyl formats that we are aware of. Please let us know which ones are missing, we know this page is still rudementary.

  • Label: Quartet Records (Spain) in collaboration with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Capitol Records and Universal Music Enterprises
  • Release date: December 2020 (Read label announcement on Facebook)
  • 3 Discs
  • "The original 34-minute album has seen countless releases on LP and CD since 1966. An expanded 55-minute CD edition was released in 2001, but it was still far from including all the material that Morricone had conceived for the film. For this new Quartet release we have included all this material thanks to newly discovered original recording sessions vaulted in mono at MGM, which also include a large number of alternates, revised cues and music that was ultimately not included in the film. The original album has been included on Disc 3 for its historical value, although it has been remastered for the first time from the first-generation stereo master tapes. The entire collection has been painstakingly restored and mastered by Chris Malone. The package includes a richly illustrated 24-page booklet with liner notes by Tim Greiving, who offers a detailed analysis of the film and score, including quotes from an exclusive interview with Clint Eastwood given especially for this release. This album is a loving tribute to the memory and impressive legacy of one of the greatest geniuses in film music history: Maestro Ennio Morricone."
  • Tracklist
  • Buy now: From Amazon.de | From Amazon.co.uk

  • GDM 7001 / Stereo + Mono
  • Composer: Ennio Morricone
  • 6-page color leporello with liner notes, posters + film stills


Track listing:

  1. Il Buono Il Brutto Il Cattivo (Titoli)
  2. Il Tramonto
  3. Sentenza
  4. Fuga A Cavallo
  5. Il Ponte Di Corde
  6. Il Forte
  7. Inseguimento
  8. Il Deserto
  9. La Carrozza Dei Fantasmi
  10. La Missione San Antonio
  11. Padre Ramirez
  12. Marcetta
  13. La Storia Di Un Soldato
  14. Il Treno Militare
  15. Fine Di Una Spia
  16. Il Bandito Monco
  17. Due Contro Cinque
  18. Marcetta Senza Speranza
  19. Morte Di Un Soldato
  20. L'estasi Dell'oro
  21. Il Triello
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