Cabalgando hacia la muerte (El Zorro)

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Cabalgando hacia la muerte (Spain, Italy, France 1962 / Director: Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent)

  • Runtime: 87 min
  • Release Date: 22.12.1962

Also known as

El Zorro (Spain) | L'ombra di Zorro (Italy) | The Shadow of Zorro (U.S.A.) | Zorro the Avenger (U.K.) | L'ombre de Zorro (France) | Zorro - Der schwarze Rächer (Germany) | De schaduw van Zorro (Netherlands) | Zorro'nun Golgesi (Turkey) | Zorro Svinger Kärden (Sweden) | Zorro's Skygge (Denmark) | Zorron varjo (Finland) | Shades of Zorro

Cast and crew

  • Cast (Spanish credits): Frank Latimore (Don José de la Torre, Zorro), María Luz Galicia (María ), Paul Piaget (Dan), Claudio Undari [as Robert Hundar] (Billy), José Marco Davó (Governor Hayes), Jesús Tordesillas (Raimundo), Mario Feliciani [as Marco Feliciani] (MacDonald), María Silva (Irene), José Marco (Sam Olo), Diana Lorys (Dan's girl), Raf Baldassarre [as Ralph Baldasarre] (Chinto), Marco Tulli (Tom Gray), Juan Antonio Arévalo (Fernando), Carlos Romero Marchent [as Carlos R. Marchent] (Chema / Manuel), Sira Origo (governor's wife), Xan das Bolas (John), Raffaella Carrà (Carmela, music lover), Miguel Merino (Dan bandit at cabin), Simón Arriaga [as Simón Arriago] (Dan's henchman), Montoya (shepherd boy), Gonzalo Esquiroz (Dan's henchman), Alberto Cubi, Pedro Rodrí­guez de Quevedo [as Pedro R. Quevedo] (banker), Rufino Inglés (stage driver), Francisco Camoiras [as Francisco Camoira](Pedro, mute handyman), Gianni Santuccio (Washinton politico) [Italian credit]
  • Also with: Guillermo Mendéz (fencing master), Lorenzo Robledo (Captain), Fidel Gonzáles (messenger), Howard Vernon (General), Agustín Bescos (barman), Antonio Orengo (citizen)
  • Story: "Zorro" by Johnston McCulley
  • Screenplay: Jesus Franco, José Mallorquí­ (also story (as José Mallorquí­ Figueroa)), Joaquin L. Hernandez Marchent (as Joaquín Romero Hernández)
  • Cinematography: Rafael Pacheco, Enrico Betti Berutto [Eastmancolor, SuperScope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Francesco De Masi (Italian version), Manuel Parada (Spanish version)
  • Producers: Alberto Grimaldi, Agustin Medina, Marius Lesoeur, Carlo Caiano


Zorro has retired after having killed a criminal Sergeant in a battle between revolutionary Mexicans and the U.S. cavalry. Now he leads a quiet life in a small Californian town as wealthy Don José. The dead Sergeant's brother and a group of bandits swear revenge on Zorro. One of the bandits puts on Zorro's costume and terrorizes the countryside. After the gang murders Don José’s best friend and kidnaps the woman he is about to marry, he puts on the famous mask again to stop the criminals and restore his good name.


This Zorro adventure picks up where La venganza del Zorro ended. The same team and players are present again, possibly the films were shot back to back. A scene from the first film, the big battle and Zorro chasing the criminal officer (Howard Vernon), returns under the main titles of this one. Frank Latimore is a very jolly Don José and it is hard to believe that this is supposed to be the same guy who turns into the acrobatic masked avenger. Robert Hundar is quite menacing as the furious bandit Billy. Most of the action is set in a Western town and the bandits' camp in the mountains, therefore the film comes across more like an early SW than a typical Zorro adventure. There is only one swashbuckling scene, this Zorro knows how to use a rifle instead. Other than some of the posters and VHS sleeves suggest, Zorro does not wear the typical eye mask but a black scarf over his face here.


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