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Cacique Bandeira

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Cacique Bandeira (Argentina, Spain 1975 / Héctor Olivera)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Cacique bandeira22.jpg Contents:

Also known as

El Muerto (Argentina) | The Dead Man

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Thelma Biral (Azevedo's mistress), José María Gutiérrez (The Colonel), Enrique Alonso, Max Berliner, Juan José Camero (Benjamin Ortalora), Rey Charol, Cristina Fernández, Fernando Iglesias 'Tacholas', Antonio Iranzo (Ulpiano), Juan Carlos Lamas, Noemí­ Laserre (madam), Raúl Lavié, Antonio Mónaco, Francisco Rabal (Azevedo), Ricardo Trigo, Jorge Villalba (Mocho), Miguel Zysman, Kary Vane, Cristina Fernandez
  • Story: "El Murerto" by Jorge Luis Borges
  • Screenplay: Fernando Ayala, Hector Olivera
  • Cinematography: Juan Carlos Desanza [Eastmancolor]
  • Music: Ariel Rodraguez
  • Producer: Luis Osvaldo Repetto


Juan Jose Cameo is Benjamin Otalora, a young man who leaves Buenos Aires after murdering a rival. He goes to Montevideo where his cool boldness draws the attention of gang leader Azevedo Bandeira [Francisco Rabal]. When the old bandit becomes ill, Otolora makes a determined play to take his place. The younger man's bold ambition is viewed cautiously by all of the henchmen of the old man and by his lover. Who will, in the end win?

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