Cannon for Cordoba

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Cannon for Cordoba (USA 1969 / Director: Paul Wendkos)

  • This is a US western shot in Spain, released in October 1970

Also known as

4 per Cordoba (Italy) | Cañones para Córdoba (Spain) | Les Canons de Cordoba (France) | Cordoba (Greece) | Kanonen für Cordoba (Germany) | Kanoner til Cordoba (Denmark) | Kapinakenraali (Finland) | Slaget om Cordobas kanoner (Sweden) | Cordoba (Turkey) | Dragon Master | De kanonnen van Cordoba (Belgium) | Canhões Para Cordoba (Brazil/Portugal)


  • Cast: George Peppard (Capt. Rod Douglas), Giovanna Ralli (Leonora), Raf Vallone (Cordoba), Pete Duel (Andy Rice), Don Gordon (Jackson Harkness), Nico Minardos (Peter), Gabriele Tinti (Antonio), John Larch (Warner), Francine York (Sophia), John Russell (Gen. John J. Pershing), Lionel Murton (Colonel Hammond), Hans Meyer (Svedborg), Richard Pendrey (Adam), Takis Emmanuel (Campo), Janis Hansen (Girl), John Clark (Major Wall), Charles Stalnaker [as Charles Stalmaker] (Captain Riggs), Gito Santana (Mexican bandit) Luis Barboo (uncredited), Barta Barri (uncredited), Gito Santana, Dan van Husen (soldier), Chris Huerta, Aldo Sambrell, Ralph Brown, Scott Miller (Bobo, Douglas soldier)
  • Story: Stephen Kandel
  • Screenplay: Stephen Kandel
  • Cinematography: Antonio Macasoli [Technicolor, Panavision]
  • Music: Elmer Bernstein
  • Producer: Vincent M. Fennelly

Filming locations

  • Villamanta, Comunidad de Madrid (Spain)


Six cannons are stolen by renegade General Cordoba and American General Pershing (Russell) thinks it’s high time for some radical measures ‘to prevent that any of these cannons will ever be used against the American people’. Since the American Army is not allowed to cross the border into Mexico, an elite group, led by the tough, iconoclastic Captain Douglas (Peppard) is sent into the heart of Cordoba’s territory.

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