Carry on Cowboy

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Carry on Cowboy (UK 1966 / Director: Gerald Thomas)

Also known as

Folytassa, cowboy (Hungary) | Ist ja irre - Der dreiste Cowboy (West Germany) | Oeste es una peste, El (Mexico) | På'en igen, cowboy (Denmark) | Rumpo Kid (undefined) | Rumpo Kid bittet zum Duell (West Germany) | Oi dyo keravnoi tou Grand Canyon (Greece) | Samonapred kauboju (Yugoslavia (Croatian title)) | Kowboju, do dzieła! (Poland) | The Rumpo Kid


  • Cast: Sid James [as Sidney James](The Rumpo Kid/Johnny Finger), Kenneth Williams (Judge Burke), Jim Dale (Marshal P. Knutt), Charles Hawtrey (Chief Big Heap), Joan Sims (Belle Armitage), Angela Douglas (Annie Oakley), Bernard Bresslaw (Little Heap), Peter Butterworth (Doc), Percy Herbert (Charlie), Jon Pertwee (Sheriff Albert Earp), Sydney Bromley (Sam Houston), Edina Ronay (Dolores), Lionel Murton (clerk), Peter Gilmore (Short), Davy Kaye (Josh), Alan Gifford (Commissioner Fiddler), Brian Rawlinson (Burt, stagecoach guard), Michael Nightingale (bank manager), Simon Cain (Curly), Sally Douglas (Kitikata), Cal McCord (young farmhand), Gary Colleano (Slim), Athur Lovegrove (old farmhand), Margaret Nolan (Miss Jones), Tom Clegg (blacksmith), Larry Cross (Perkins), Brian Coburn (trapper), The Ballet Montparnasse (saloon dancers)
  • Also with: Hal Galili (young cowhand), Norman Stanley (drunk), Carmen Dene (Mexican girl), Andrea Allan (Minnie), Vicki Smith (Polly), Audrey Wilson (Jane), Lisa Thomas (Sally), Gloria Best (Bridget), Eric Rogers (piano player), Richard O'Brien (Indian rider)
  • Story: Talbot Rothwell
  • Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
  • Cinematography: Alan Hume [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
  • Music: Eric Rogers
  • Song: "Carry on Cowboy" sung by Jim Dale
  • Song: "This is the Night for Love" sung by Angela Douglas
  • Producer: Peter Rogers


The ruthless Rumpo Kid (Sid James) has killed Albert Earp (Jon Pertwee), the short sighted sheriff of Stodge City. With the city now at the mercy of this varmint, Judge Burke (Kenneth Williams) puts in a request for a replacement law officer. But due to a mix up at the unemployment agency he is sent Marshall P. Knutt (Jim Dale). Knutt's first name is Marshall but he isn't a marshal or a lawman of any kind. He is actually a British plumber. Luckily Marshall is befriended by sharp-shooter Annie Oakley (Angela Douglas) who has travelled to Stodge City to deal out some justice of her own.

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