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Alberto Mariscal

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Films directed by Alberto Mariscal


March 10, 1926 - April, 24 2010

Alberto Mariscal's real name was Adalberto Ramírez Álvarez. He was, for a long period, an actor in theater, television and film. He then moved into directing at the beginning of the sixties, working for Estudios América on television shows with few resources and little aesthetic or thematic pretensions. However, some years later, he showed major ambitions and progression in story-telling with the darkly intense rural melodrama, Crisol y Cruces sobre el yermo(1967). Next he began to establish his name in the cinema of action movies and westerns, in films like El silencioso (1966), Todo por nada (1969), El tunco Maclovio (1969), El sabor de la venganza (1970) and for some critics, one of the masterpieces in the genre of Mexican westerns: Los marcados (1970).

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