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Hélène Chanel

From The Spaghetti Western Database


Hélène Chanel was born in Deauville, France, on June 12, 1941. Credited under her birth name of Stoliaroff, she made her screen debut in 1959, playing a small role as a party guest in Jean-Pierre Mocky’s pick-up farce Les Dragueurs. After a second French movie in 1959, she appeared exclusively in Italian films for the remainder of her career, which lasted until 1977, covering a wide range of filoni (genres) from comedy to peplum, from giallo-poliziesco to period drama, from adventure to war, from fantasy to horror, fifty-two movies in total, including six Westerns.

Chanel fifa.jpg Chanel mafiosi.jpg

Chanel calibro.jpg Chanel cja.jpg

Chanel rrring.jpg Chanel cavalca.jpg

Chanel in Un dollaro di fifa (Giorgio Simonelli, 1960); in Due mafiosi nel Far West (Giorgio Simonelli, 1964), on the left: Ana Casares; in Killer calibro 32 (Alfonso Brescia, 1967), credited as Sherill Morgan; in Cjamango (Edoardo Mulargia, 1967); in Due Rrringos nel Texas (Marino Girolami, 1967); and in Con lui cavalca la morte (Giuseppe Vari, 1967)

Hélène Chanel’s filmography: Internet Movie Database, Archivio del Cinema Italiano On-Line di ANICA