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Gibert in the German trailer for Amasi Damiani’s Una forca per un bastardo (Italian censura: April 3, 1968) and in Rafael Romero Marchent’s Uno a uno sin piedad (Italian censura: August 21, 1968)

Aka Pierrette Bélair, Josiane (Josianne, Josyane) Gibert (Gilbert, Guibert), Monica (Nonica) Mills

Josyane Gibert was born Pierrette Bélair in Montréal, Canada, on March 8, 1940. After she had changed her first name to Josiane around 1960 and married producer/director Guy Gibert in 1961 or 1962, she appeared under the names Josianne Gilbert, Josyane Gibert or Josiane Guibert, and all combinations thereof, as a singer, actress and model during the 1960s and 1970s. The origin of her Italian-Western moniker, Monica (Nonica) Mills—which caused her frequent misidentification as Monica Millesi—remains a mystery.

Source for biographical data: monsieurjeff

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