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Marcello Giombini (July 8, 1928 – December 12, 2003) was born in Rome. The versatile composer did not work for films alone but was also a creator of sacred and avant-garde music. As a young man he was heard as an organist in churches of Rome. After finishing music studies at the conservatory he became choral director of the Accademia Filarmonica Romana and the Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma. Giombini was a specialist for liturgical music and composed religious works in a classical manner as well as in a pop music style. Giombini was also an influential inventor of electronic music and even wrote a few Science Fiction short stories under the alias of Gianni Nebula.

As a composer for Spaghetti Westerns his pop-flavoured tunes for the two Sabata films are possibly his best known work. His music for Anthony Steffen's last SW Dallas is a fully electronic score. Giombini’s religious foundation did not keep him from composing quite catchy electronic themes for notorious 1980s sex/horror films such as Man Eater, Terror Express and Erotic Nights of the Living Dead. Giombini occasionally worked under the alias of Pluto Kennedy.

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