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Pilar Velázquez was born in Madrid on February 13, 1946. She started her film career in 1967 and subsequently played major and minor roles in more than thirty movies until 2006, among them four Westerns:

Ferdinando Baldi’s Il pistolero dell’Ave Maria (literally “The Hail-Mary Gunslinger,” 1969), Rafael Romero Marchent’s Manos torpes (literally “Clumsy Hands,” 1970), Roberto Bianchi Montero’s I senza Dio (literally “The Godless,” 1972), and Giuliano Carnimeo’s Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato … parola di Spirito Santo (literally “A Man Warned Is a Man Half-Killed … Word of the Holy Spirit,” 1972).

Hail Mary.jpg Clumsy.jpg

Godless.jpg Holy Spirit.jpg

A career-spanning interview conducted with her in August 2021 can be found on (in Spanish).

Velázquez’s IMDb filmography

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