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some books to add, suggested at the spaghetti western web board:

about Leone:

  • Noel Simsolo, "Conversation avec Sergio Leone" , 1987, recent re-print -major, inescapable-

  • Gilles Lambert "Les bons, les méchants les sales de Sergio Leone", 1976, especially made for the Leone theatrical re-prints in France, with Leone participation.

(didn't find it on

  • Gilles Cebe, "Sergio Leone", 1984, -major, inescapable-.

out of print

  • Ores de Fornari, "Sergio Leone",several prints, the first towards the 70'middle, -major, inescapable.

  • Gianni di Claudio, "Directed by Sergio Leone",1990, major, inescapable.

These books were published with Leone participation, during the Leone's life: they are first hand sources.

  • Marcello Garofalo, "Sergio Leone", and "C'era volta in America" (splendid photographic album, out of stock)

didn't find it at

  • "IL buono il brutto il cattivo, il restauro", Bianco e Nero editor (major probably, never seen).
  • Gian Lhassa "Seul au monde dans le western italien", Grand Angle, Bruxelles, (major, inescapable, one of the finest analysis of the Sw made from a mass of movies seen in theater, as the Staig and Williams book.)

It exists plenty of others books and fanzine, but I don't have kept them, by lack of real interest. (Same things are repeating from a book or article to another, authors don't have seen the films.)

(some of the books are available also in translated versions. we need to list all books in all language version)

--Sebastian 21:08, 30 June 2006 (CEST)


he also writes (that guy on the webboard):

i can only indicate you the titles, and you find them easily on or, -if they are still available-. a last book is this one Carlo Simi made for the Festival du cinéma méditérannéen de Montpellier, 1998: about the set locations -I forgot the title. Spanish festival and italian festivals are still dedicated to the SW, perhaps they have so published interesting things: (see Sitges in Spain). Evidently the Moya book "Almeria un mundo di pellicola", 1999, is to add: Moya speaks a lot of SW. a final bibliography is very hard to make: many writtens around the world since 1960! it's a age to amass and a age to clear: i'm in the age to clear and keep the best in my opinion!

--Sebastian 22:02, 30 June 2006 (CEST)