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Catlow (UK · USA 1971 / Director: Sam Wanamaker)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Also known as

Catlow Leben ums Verrecken (Germany) | El oro de nadie (Spain) | Ketlow (Yugoslavia)
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  • Cast: Yul Brynner (Catlow), Richard Crenna (Ben Cowan), Leonard Nimoy (Miller), Daliah Lavi (Rosita), Jo Ann Pflug (Christina), Jeff Corey (Merridew), Michael Delano (Rio), Julián Mateos (Recalde), David Ladd (Caxton), Robert Logan [as Bob Logan](Oley), John Clark (Keleher), Dan van Husen (Dutch), Cass Martin (Sanchez) José Nieto (General Julian Batista Armijo), Angel del Pozo (Captain Rafael Vargas), Bessie Love (Mrs Frost, stage passenger), Víctor Israel (Pesquiera), Erika Lopez (Sara), Tito García (Pedro), Antonio Padilla (Jose), Rafael Albaicà­n (Alberto), Alejandro de Enciso (Fernandez), Ralph Brown (Roots), Walter Coy (Parkman), Allen Russell (Otis), Per Barclay (Cattle Boss), David Thomson (Catlow cowboy), Jose Laurens (2nd Drover), Florencio Amarilla (Tarahumara, guide), Raúl Castro (Tonkawa Indian)
  • Story: Louis L'Amour (novel)
  • Screenwriters: Scott Finch, J.J. Griffith
  • Cinematography: Edward Scaife [as Ted Scaife] [Metrocolor - Panavision]
  • Music: Roy Budd



Sam Wanamaker replaced Peter R. Hunt.

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