Cavalca e uccidi

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Cavalca e uccidi (Italy · Spain 1964 / Director: José Luis Borau, Mario Caiano [co-director])

Also known as

Brandy, el sheriff de Losatumba (Spain) | Ride and Kill (UK) | Gesetz der Bravados (Germany) | Pour un whisky de plus (France) | … et pour un whisky de plus … / … en voor een whisky meer … (Belgium) | Oi dolofonoi tou Texas (Greece) | Cavalga E Mata (Brazil)
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A group of corrupt Tombstone officials are extorting protection money from the region’s citizens. When the sheriff attempts to interfere, their hired gunman eliminates him so they can install a puppet sheriff in his place. Unfortunately for the villains, they choose the town drunk, Brandy (Alex Nicol), who sobers up enough to take the job seriously.


Cast (Spanish credits): Alex Nicol (Robert “Brandy”), Maite Blasco [as Margaret Grayson] (Eva), Antonio Casas (Sheriff Clymer), George Rigaud [as Jorge Rigaud] (David “Beau” Pritchard), Luis Induni (Steve Donnelly), Claudio Undari [as Robert Hundar] (Roy Moody), Renzo Palmer [as Lawrence Palmer] (Pastor Andrews), Natalia Silva (Alice Garrido/McCormick), Giuseppe Addobbati [as John MacDouglas] (Judge Stauffer), Paola Barbara [as Pauline Baards] (Mrs. Stauffer), Antonio Gradoli [as Anthony Gradwell] (Underhill, banker), José Canalejas (Chirilo, Moody lieutenant), Mark Johnson (Chico, sheriff’s assistant), Miguel del Castillo (rancher at meeting), Juan Lizárraga (rancher at meeting), Giovanni Petti (Lewitt, city councilman), Héctor Quiroga (Murray, rancher), Alfonso Rojas (Hamlin, saloon owner), José Villasante (Patrick, rancher), Victor Bayo [as Victor Rojas] (rancher spokesman at meeting), Alfonso de la Vega (town spokesman at meeting), Elena Santonja (Mrs. Murray), Wilfredo Casado (saloon bartender), Rafael Hernández (council clerk), Pedro Fenollar (saloon patron), Manuel Ayuso (mayor), Francisco Braña (wagon driver), Antonio Orengo (rancher), Jorge del Moral, Rafael Bejarano, Antonio Zamora (councilman), Vicente Cárdenas, Albert Lockwood [Italian C.S.C. credit]

  • Director: José Luis Borau [as J. L. Boraw], Mario Caiano (co-director)
  • Story: “El sheriff de Losatumba” by José Mallorquí
  • Screenplay: José Luis Borau [as Joe Baker]
  • Cinematography: Manuel Merino, Mario Sbrenna [as Henry Stewart] [Eastmancolor – Totalscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Riz Ortolani
  • Producer: Rafael Merina, Alberto Grimaldi

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 88 min
  • Germany (VHS, TV): 70 min, Italy (RAI): 85 min

Release date

  • April 30, 1964 (Italy)

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