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Cemetery Without Crosses the film, is almost unanimously hailed as one of the very best of the Spaghetti Western genre. It is well made, directed, acted, and written. Not to mention the musical score.

The score has only two themes. The faster and more classic Rope and Colt tune is the main theme. It incorporates several sections. It starts with a chant. Then an organ leads into a horn section. It then goes into the lyrics which illustrate the main character's mission. The line "the rope and the colt" refers to the west. It portrays it as a violent place where only violence and necessity rule. It surely is a fitting line for this film. There are several variations of this tune throughout the film. The first variation is a faster tune and more closely resembles a true Spaghetti Western piece, not to say the original is a bad piece. This piece uses an electric guitar over the parts where the lyrics would be in the main theme. The chant becomes an accompanying section and is changed around. This single track makes the scene it is accompanying better than it seems. I had to rewatch the scene just to hear the great music. After the film's UK release, the Rope and the Colt became a hit.

The other piece of music in this film is a much slower and melancholy Spanish "deguelloesque" piece. It fits the film even better. It even adds to the atmosphere of the film. There are several scenes where the only sounds heard are of this song and this song illustrates the scenes as if it were a silent movie. There is one scene in particular where the hero and heroine are meshed in a moving, wordless conversation. The intensity of their looks and the music say things words cannot. It is a beautiful scene and has a score to match.

The music to this film was written by Robert Hossein's (director, writer, and actor of this film) father, Andre Hossein. He also wrote the score to his son's other western, Law of Violence, of which little is known about. His main area of musical expertise was in the genres of neo romance, and also a star soloist. His contribution to the world of the famous Spaghetti Western soundtrack is a very good one. Very different but very good.

by korano

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