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KÜLOWThis page is our personal hall of fame. A reminder to us all that even though considered a B-genre, Spaghetti Westerns were full of great characters, played by great people. Many have passed away, and while we are young growing up re-watching all these classics, many more will probably leave us. May they be remembered. What follows, is a work-in-progress, a growing list of legends who have passed away...

sorted by their last names:

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  • URRUTIA, José - 1944, Spain - 8/19/2018, Spain

José Urrutia one of the family members of the Sad Hill Organization has died. José worked as an extra in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” while performing military service in Burgos and participated in the construction of the Langston Bridge and, above all, remained a member of his Artillery Barracks 63, while infecting for 52 years the passion among his companions and military cohorts, through the memories of the filming, celebrating and reminiscing their experiences annually. He is also seen in the upcoming documentary “Sad Hill Unearthed”.

  • PORCEL, Marisa (Marisa Luisa Porcel Montijano) - 11/15/1943, Tarzona, Zaragoza, Arigon, Spain - 8/15/2018, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Spanish theater, film and TV actress Marisa Porcel died on August 15, 2018 in Madrid, Spain. She was 74. Porcel was the daughter of actor Pedro Porcel and actress Asunción Montijano. She started her professional activity on the stage first with her father's company and later she joined the companies successively by Isabel Garcés, the María Guerrero Theater and the Spanish Theater. By the mid-1950s she had specialized in comedy roles. Despite being a regular face of the Spanish small screen since the sixties and having intervened in films and TV series such as ‘Historias para no dormir’ (1968), ‘Cañas y barro’ (1978), her popularity came in 2000, when the producer José Luis Moreno offered to make a small humorous sketch, called Matrimoniadas, with Pepe Ruiz for his musical program on TVE ‘Noche de fiesta’. Porcel begins to play Pepa , an old curmudgeon and grumpy wife whose favorite activity is to discuss with her husband, the protester Avelino (Pepe Ruiz). The sketch reaches an unexpected success and both actors, along with the rest of the characters, begin to interpret it on stages and party halls. She is the mother of the actress of dubbing, Paloma Porcel. Porcel appeared in two Euro-westerns: as Manolita in “Sabata the Killer” 1970 with Anthony Steffen and “In the Dust of the Sun” in 1972.

  • MILLAIRE, Albert - 1/18/1935, Montréal, Quebec, Canada - 8/15/2018, Canada

Canadian theater, film, TV actor Albert Millaire has died at age 83. The actor, known for his classic roles, was diagnosed with cancer in 2000, but continued to work nonetheless. He was recognized by many older Quebecers as the image of Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville, who he played in a popular television series in 1969. He also portrayed Sir Wilfrid Laurier in a miniseries about the ex-prime minister in 1987. Millaire won the Gémeaux prize in 2014 for best supporting actor in a soap opera for his role in Mémoires vives. Millaire appeared in two Euro-western TV series: “Adventures in Rainbow Country” (1969-1970) as Roger Lemieux and “By Way of the Stars” as Renauld (1992-1993).

  • il FENOMENO, Jimmy (Luigi Origene Soffrano) - 4/22/1932, Lucera, Puglia, Italy - 8/6/2018, Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Italian comic actor Jimmy il Fenomeno died in Milan, Italy August 7, 2018. He was 86. Born Luigi Origene Soffrano in Lucera, Puglia, Italy he became known as Jimmy il Fenomeno and started his career in 1961 with an appearance in “Hercules and the Conquest of Atlantis”. He would go on to appear in over 150 films during the Golden Days of Italian cinema. His grimaces, dialect and the the tone of voice always made him stand out above his dialogue. Jimmy became a regular figure during the 1970s and 1980s in Italian sex comedies and was considered a lucky charm by producers and directors who insisted he had a small role if even just a cameo. Jimmy appeared in two Euro-westerns: “$10,000 for a Massacre” (1967) as a bartender and “The Longest Hunt” (1968) as a soldier in Major Doneghan's army.

  • RICHENS, Pete (Peter Richens) 8/18/1952, Devon, England, U.K. - 8/6/2018, Devon, England, U.K.

Pete Richens, who co-wrote more than two dozen of the Comic Strip films, died August 6, 2018 in Devon, England at the age of 65. Born Peter Richens on August 18, 1952 in Devon, he started working with the troupe – whose core members were Adrian Edmondson, Dawn French, Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer, Peter Richardson, Jennifer Saunders and Alexei Sayle – at their live shows at the Raymond Revue Bar in Soho. There he would transcribe the comedians’ improvisations and create a coherent narrative from them. His contribution to the group’s films was overshadowed by Richardson, who was the driving force behind the Comic Strip. However, Richens co-wrote 25 of the films, from the first, 1982’s Five Go Mad In Dorset, to the last, Redtop, in 2016 and occasionally made cameo appearances, most notably as a cheerful depressive in Gregory: Diary of a Nutcase. Richens was co-writer on “A Fistful of Traveller’s Cheques” (1984).

  • GISPERT, María Dolores (Maria Dolores Gispert Guart) - 3/22/1934, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain - 7/21/2018, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

The voice actress María Dolores Gispert, the unforgettable voice in Castilian of stars like Whoopi Goldberg and Kathy Bates, died at 84 years of age on July 21, 2018. Born in Barcelona on March 22, 1934, she came from a family of artists, the interpreter began her career as a child with locutions on Radio Barcelona, before moving to dubbing in the mid-forties, giving voice to children and young stars. She participated in these works in films as recognizable as “Treasure Island” , “The Night of the Hunter” , I confess (in their corresponding redoblajes on the occasion of its broadcast on TVE during the seventies), “Irma la duce” , “Bonnie & Clyde”, “Una lagartija con piel de mujer”, Gunfight at the OK Corral”, “Sueños de seductor”, “Grease”, “Los caballeros de la moto”, “Blade Runner” (where she dubbed Joanna Cassidy) and “The Goonies”. She dubbed a dozen or more Euro-westerns including the voice of Tiffany Hoyveld in “Ace High” (1967), Hedy Sontag in “Doc” (1971), Maris Solinas in “Blindman” (1971), Uschi Glas in “Alleluia and Sartana, Sons of God (1974), Tiffany Hoyveld in the “Ace High” 1990 Spanish DVD release.