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KÜLOWThis page is our personal hall of fame. A reminder to us all that even though considered a B-genre, Spaghetti Westerns were full of great characters, played by great people. Many have passed away, and while we are young growing up re-watching all these classics, many more will probably leave us. May they be remembered. What follows, is a work-in-progress, a growing list of legends who have passed away...

sorted by their last names:

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  • BLUNDEN, Bill (Thomas William Blunden) 1935, Pancas, London, England, U.K. - 1/13/2018, Malmesbury, Wilshire, England, U.K.

Award winning British film editor Bill Blunden died on January 3, 2018 in Malmesbury, Wilshire, England. He was 83. Bill was born Thomas William Blunden in Pancas, London, England in 1935. He is the father of film editor Chris Blunden and grandfather of film editor William Blunden. Blunden won an Emmy Award for his work on ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ (1979). He was also nominated for an Emmy in 1993 for ‘To Dance with the White Dog’. Blunden was the film editor of 1968’s “Shalako” starring Sean Connery and Brigitte Bardot.

  • CAPPONI, Pier Paolo (aka Norman Clark) - 6/9/1938, Subiaco, Rome, Lazio, Italy - 2/15/2018, Torri in Sabina, Rieti, Latium, Italy

Italian actor, screenwriter Pier Paolo Capponi died February 15, 2018 in Torri in Sabina, Rieti, Latium, Italy. He was 79. Born in Subiaco, Rome, Lazio, Italy on June 9, 1938 he attended a theater school after his studies and later was chosen by director Vittorio De Seta for an important role in “Un uomo a metà”. His film career was divided equally between auteur films and genre films, in which he was sometimes credited as Norman Clark. He was seen regularly on the big screen in the 1960s and 1970s. After 1977 Capponi centered his appearances on TV-series and on stage. He appeared in one Euro-western as Joe Kline in 1968’s “My Name is Pecos” starring Robert Woods.

  • SENCHINA, Ludmila (Lyudmila Petrovna Senchina) - 12/13/1950, Kudryavtsy, Nikolaevskaya oblast, Ukrainskaya U.S.S.R. - 1/25/2018, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russian singer, actress Ludmila Senchina died in St. Petersburg, Russia on January 25, 2018. She was considered one of the most striking and distinctive singers on the Soviet and Russian stage. She appeared in one Euro-western as Julie Prudomme in 1977’s “Armed and Very Dangerous”.

  • THESTRUP, Ole (Ole Svane Thestrup) - 3/12/1948, Nibe, Denmark - 2/2/2018, Tuse Næs, Denmark

Danish actor Ole Thestrup, who lived on the peninsula Tuse Næs in the Isefjord north of Holbæk, died on February 2, 2018 in Tuse Naes Denmark. Born in Nibe, Denmark on March 2, 1948 he is especially known for his roles in the children's and youth films Rubber Tarzan and Busters World. Later he took on the roles in the movies Flashing Lights and the Green Butchers as well as the TV series Borgen. His lone Euro-western appearance was in the 2005 TV series Det Vildeste Westen as a lasso instructor.

  • ABADES, Reyes (Reyes Abades Tejedor) - 7/25/1949, Castilblanco, Badajoz Extremadura, Spain - 2/1/2018, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

In Spain, special effects in the movies were made by Reyes Abades. Yes, there have been other specialists in this special field, and now there are new generations who know how to work with new materials. But for decades, the Extremadura Reyes Abades, who has died today February 1, 2018 in Madrid, Spain at the age of 68, led his field. Born Reyes Abades Tejedor in Castilblanco, Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain on July 25, 1949, he won 9 Goya’s and has been nominated for 2more this year. In addition to his work in the Spanish cinema, he was also the most requested when a film crew arrived in Spain. Abades worked on four Euro-westerns: ‘The New Zorro’ TV series 1990-1993, “The Return of El Coyote” (1998), “Lucky Luke and the Daltons” and “Renegade” both 2004

  • LEWIS, Howard Lew - 8/21/1941, London, England, U.K. - 1/20/2018, Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

The actor Howard Lew Lewis, best known for his roles in Maid Marian and her Merry Men and Brush Strokes, has died in Edinburgh, Scotland on January 20, 2018. at the age of 76. Born in London on August 21, 1941, he played Rabies in all four series of children's comedy Maid Marian and her Merry Men, written by Tony Robinson beginning in 1989. Lewis was the voice of Obelix in the 1994 animated Euro-western “Asterix in America”.