Centomila dollari per Ringo

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Centomila dollari per Ringo (Italy, Spain 1965 / Director: Alberto de Martino)

  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Release Date: 18.11.1965

Also known as

100,000 dollari per Ringo (Italy) | $100,000 for Ringo (U.S.A.) | One Hundred Thousand Dollars for Ringo (U.S.A.) | Sangre sobre Texas (Spain) | 100.000 Dollar für Ringo (Germany) | Ringo Intikam Aliyor (Turkey) | 100.000 dollars for Ringo (Denmark) | Cent mille dollars pour Ringo (France) | 100 000 Dollares por Ringo (Portugal) | 100.000 Dollar för Ringo (Sweden) | Cem Mil Dólares Para Ringo (Brazil) | Vain nopein elää huomiseen (Finland) | 100 hiliades dollaria gia ton Ringo (Greece) | 荒野の10万ドル Koya no jyumandoru (Japan) | 3 from Texas

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Richard Harrison (Ward Cluster / Lee Barton / Ringo), Fernando Sancho (Chuck), Massimo Serato [as John Barracuda] (Ives), Gérard Tichy (Tom Cherry), Eleonora Bianchi (Deborah), Loris Loddi [as Loris Lotti / Loris Doddi [Spanish]] (Sean Cluster), Guido Lollobrigida [as Lee Burton] (Luke Cherry), Luis Induni (sheriff), Mónica Randall [as Monica Randell / Aurora Julia [Spanish]](Elle, Indian maiden), Tomás Torres (Mexican general, Michel Monfort (3rd Cherry brother), Rafael Albaicin [as Rafael Albraicin] (Gray Bear, Indian chief), Francisco Sanz [as Paco Sanz] (José), Francisco Oliveras [as Frank Oliveras [Spanish]] (Indian brave), Victor Vilanova (Cherry henchman in waystation) [Spanish credit], Fernando Rubio (Mexican Sergeant) [Spanish], César Ojínaga (captured gunman) [Spanish], Pedro Rodriguez [Spanish]
  • Also with: Rosa Biadiu (Rose Cluster), Eduardo Lizarza (waystation waiter)
  • Story: Guido Zurli
  • Screenplay: Alfonso Balcazar, Giovanni Simonelli (dialogues by Jose Antonio de la Loma)
  • Cinematography: Federico G. Larraya [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Bruno Nicolai
  • Song: "Ringo Come to Fight" sung by Bobby Solo
  • Producer: Edmondo Amati


A stranger rides into Rainbow Valley where he's mistaken for a former resident who was believed killed in the Civil War and soon finds himself in opposition to local boss Tom Cherry, who seeks to find $100,000 stashed away by a Mexican general.


With more than 5 mio admissions this little known film was one of the Italian box office hits of 1965. The name Ringo is in the title (for obvious reasons) but not in the film and apart from that the reasons for the success of this overall average SW are not really evident. The directing qualities of De Martino's next SW, Django Shoots First, are hard to detect here. // by Stanton


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