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Charley One-Eye

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Charley One-Eye (UK, USA 1973 / Director: Don Chaffey)

Also known as

Charley le borgne (France) | Unter tödlicher Sonne (Germany) | Charley el tuerto (Spain) | Dödsjakten (Sweden) | Yksisilmä-Charley (Finland) | Charley Yksisilmäinen (Finland) | Charley Un Ochi (Romania) | Jednooki Carli (Bulgaria)


  • Cast: Richard Roundtree (The Black Man), Roy Thinnes (The Indian), Nigel Davenport (The Bounty Hunter), Jill Pearson (officer's wife), Aldo Sambrell (Mexican driver), Luis Aller (Mexican youth), Rafael Albaicà­n (Mexican leader)
  • Also with: Alexander Davion (Tony), Madeleine Hinde (Penelope), David Lodge (colonel), William Mervyn (Honeydew), Patrick Mower (Richard), Johnny Sekka (Bob), Imogen Hassall (Chris), Edward Woodward (Holstrom)
  • Screenplay: Keith Leonard
  • Cinematography: Kenneth Talbot [Technicolor - widescreen]
  • Music: John Cameron
  • Song: "Don't Know That it Might Rain" sung by ?
  • Producers: David Frost, James Swann


A black Union Army deserter and his crippled American Indian hostage form a strained partnership in the interests of surviving the advancing threats of a racist bounty hunter and neighboring bandits.

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