Chato's Land

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Chato's Land (UK 1971 / Michael Winner)

  • Runtime: 101 min
  • Release Date: 25.5.1972
  • Filming locations: Almería

Also known as

Chato (Italy) | Chato el Apache (Spain) | Renegado Vengador (Spain) | Les collines de la terreur (France) | Ziemia Chato (Poland) | De heuvels van de angst (Belgium) | Chaton Maa (Finland) | Chatos Land (Germany) | Desforra Apache (Portugal) | Chato földje (Hungary) | Çato - Devlerin ülkesi (Turkey) | チャトズ・ランド Chato's land (Japan)


  • Cast: Charles Bronson (Pardon Chato), Jack Palance (Captain Quincey Whitmore), Richard Basehart (Nye Buell), James Whitmore (Joshua Everette), Simon Oakland (Jubal Hooker), Ralph Waite (Elias Hooker), Richard Jordan (Earl Hooker), Victor French (Martin Hall), Sonia Rangan (Chato`s woman), William Watson (Harvey Lansing), Roddy McMillan (Gavin Malechie), Paul Young (Brady Logan), Raúl Castro (Raul, Mexican scout), Lee Patterson (George Dunn), Roland Brand (Sheriff Eli Saunders), Peter Dybeley (Ezra Meade), Hugh McDermott (George the bartender), Celestino Gonzalez, Florencio Amarilla (raiding party leader), Verna Harvey (Shelby Hooker), Sally Adez (Moira Logan), Clive Endersby (Jacob Meade), Rebecca Wilson (Edna Malechie), Luis Amarilla, Rudy Ugland (Will Coop)
  • Screenplay: Gerald Wilson
  • Cinematography: Robert Paynter [Technicolor - Panavision 1,85:1]
  • Music: Jerry Fielding
  • Producer: Michael Winner


This remarkable "Vietnam" western is easily the best of the British produced westerns and gives Charles Bronson a perfect (and nearly silent role) as a half breed who is pursued by a posse of vigilantes. After some of them have raped his wife he turns into a deadly ghostlike avenger in a hostile environment. An environment in which he is forced to live and of which he is a part, but which soon becomes a death trap for the white intruders. // by Stanton


  • What Chato's land doesn't kill, Chato will.
  • The scream of his victims is the only sound he makes.

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