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Welcome to the SWDB's 2007 christmas shopping guide, a list of recommendations from us to you. Even Santa Claus is in the mood of spaghetti westerns... This list gives you a few items that we think are some of the best releases this year and are definitely worth putting under the christmas tree. Buying these items using our Amazon links also helps supporting this site.

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Littlebullet.gif Movie page / 1966 / Director: Tinto Brass

Cast: Philippe Leroy (Yankee), Adolfo Celi (Grande Concho), Mirella Martin (Rosita), Tomas Torres (Ruiz), Và­ctor Israel (Sheriff), Valentino Macchi (Garcia), Francisco Sanz (Consalvo), Franco De Rosa (Angel Face), Pasquale Basile (Gold Tooth), Jacques Herlin (Philosopher), Antonio Basile (Tattoo), Renzo Peverello (Portuguese), Cesar Ojinaga (Deputy), Giorgio Bret Schneider (Painter)

Leroy does a sound job as the eponomous anti hero in this solid genre piece but the scene stealer here is Adolfo Celi, better known for his portrayal of Spectre agent Emile Largo in the 1965 Bond film Thunderball . His combination of physical presence and exuberant cruelty make El Grande Concho a truly memorable screen villain. Koch Media have released an excellent version of this enjoyable film with good picture quality and clean sound. English subtitles are not listed but are accessible through your remote. Well worth purchasing. Buy now at


Littlebullet.gif Movie page / 1969 / Director: Robert Hossein

Cast: Robert Hossein , Michéle Mercier , Anne-Marie Balin, Daniele Vargas, Guido Lollobrigida (as Lee Burton), Angel Alvarez, Benito Stefanelli, Chris Huerta

Ruthlessly pursued by the Rogers family following a dispute over cattle, Ben Caine (Benito Stefanelli) is chased back to the Caine Ranch. Despite wife Maria's (Michèle Mercier) desperate pleading, the Rogers mercilessly hang Ben while she is made to witness the terrible execution. Engulfed with the need for revenge and with her two brothers-in-law reluctant to assist, Maria enlists the help of Manuel (Robert Hossein). An enigmatic gunfighter who wears a single black glove and preoccupied with the past chooses to live alone in an old ghost town. Manuel has deep feelings for Maria so reluctantly agrees to her plan, finding employment as foreman at the Rogers' ranch and surreptitiously kidnapping Pa Rogers' (Daniele Vargas) only daughter Johanna (Anne-Marie Balin). With Johanna as the bait Maria would be in the perfect position to exact her revenge on the Rogers, but things don't turn out quite as planned. Eventually available for us - although in another expensive and limited edition - this DVD release kicks ass. Thanks, Anolis / Buoi Omega, for this incredible disc! More info here -- Buy now at


Littlebullet.gif Für ein paar Leichen mehr

Although this is no 2007 release (but a 2006 reprint), this 750 pages strong book is the bible for german and also other spaghetti fans. A lot of - sometimes rare - pictures and much info and many reviews on very many movies. If you want to get informed, buy this (at!


Littlebullet.gif Movie page / 1967 / Director: Damiano Damiani

Cast: Gian Maria Volonté, Klaus Kinski, Lou Castel, Martine Beswick

During the height of the Mexican revolution a gang of bandits led by "El Chuncho" (Gian Maria Volonte) are stealing weapons and selling them on to the revolutions leader "General Elias" to aid the cause. During an attack the bandits are making on an armed train, the gang are unexpectedly helped by one of its passengers, the gringo "Bill Tate" (Lou Castel). One of the best of the political spaghetti-westerns, belongs in every SW fan's collection. If you haven't got it yet, then there's a perfect opportunity this Christmas to order the new re-mastered Koch Media release of this film.

Buy now at


Littlebullet.gif Movie page / 1967 / Director: Nando Cicero

Cast: George Hilton, Edd Byrnes, George Martin, Jose Bodalo

"Christmas time, mistletoe and wine" and of course spaghetti western-dvd's under the tree. 2007 has been an exciting year when it comes to spaghetti western releases. Dominating our Christmas shopping guide for 2007 are some top notch German releases. From the German label Back Hill Pictures comes the fine looking Professionisti per un massacro, box title: Ein Stoßgebet für drei Kanonen, in anamorphic widescreen. George Hilton steals the show as a deranged preacher with an obsession for booze and explosives in this adventurous western, of which the exciting quest for gold of a colourful trio will keep you entertained throughout. You can choose between Italian and German language tracks. Unfortunately there are no subtitles, but don't let that stop you from purchasing this little gem!

So, waist no time and buy now at Amazon, and give someone a wild west Christmas!


Littlebullet.gif Movie page / 1974 / Director: Tonino Ricci

Cast: Maurizio Merli, Henry Silva, Gisela Hahn, Renzo Palmer, Benito Stefanelli, Donal O'Brien, Luciano Rossi

Review: Received an American dvd of White Fang to the Rescue last week and decided to watch it this weekend. The screen quality and audio were as bad as I thought they would be, but the movie itself exceeded my expectations. It's pretty rough for a kid friendly movie. Of course it has terribly cheesy moments of drama, but there's also mild animal cruelty, fist fights, shooting and cleavage. White Fang fighting a bear was hilarious. Some big names in this one crank up the entertainment level: Maurizio Merli who took over Franco Nero's job, Henry Silva as the local bad guy and Donal O'Brien as one of Silva's moronic henchmen. Naturally the kid is annoying, but you have to accept that with a movie like this. White Fang was portrayed by one of the best actors of this production, some German shepherd. Apparantly they couldn't find a (good enough) white wolf. I think Jack London's works have seen worse transfers to the big screen, but it's nothing special either. Just a mediocre movie that will probably do the trick for the average spaghetti western fan, due to the afore mentioned points of interest.

Santa's solution for all cheap bastards craving for a little spaghetti is here, and it's name is White Fang to the rescue. Available dirt cheap from countless of American dvd labels. More info here -- Buy now at


Littlebullet.gif Movie page / 1967 / Director: Sergio Corbucci

Cast: Joseph Cotten, Norma Bengell, Julian Mateos, Al Mulock, Aldo Sambrell, Gino Pernice

From the director of Django, The Great Silence and Companeros Screen legend Joseph Cotten (The Third man, Shadow of a Doubt) stars as the fanatical patriarch of a family of ex-Confederate killers who massacre an army convoy to finance an invasion of the North. But before they can re-ignite the Civil War, they'll have to smuggle a coffin crammed with stolen cash across a frontier enflamed by lust, violence and extreme vengeance. Entertaining and bleak spaghetti thriller from the Sergio Corbucci. Quality dvd release from Anchor Bay with widescreen presentation enhanced for 16x9 TV's.

Buy this DVD from


Littlebullet.gif Movie page / 1970 / Director: Sergio Martino

Cast: Anthony Steffen, Rosalba Neri, Aldo Sambrell, Roberto Camardiel, Luis Barboo

Sergio Martino's first western (1970) is one of those that sell a routine story without having too many ambitions. In 1969/1970 the climax of the genre was already topped out and it began to change while parodies and comedies took over. Fortunately, this movie still contains many elements of the so called "hard-wave" westerns (lots of violence) but is already loosen up by a little bit of humour.

Anyway, I think 'Arizona si scatenò...' is admittedly not one of the genre's top titles but still very enjoyable. The Koch Media release is a blast and SW-Collections shouldn't lack this title. !!! English subtitles are not listed but are accessible through your remote !!!

Buy now at


Littlebullet.gif Quanto costa morire (OST) / Composer: Francesco de Masi

Anybody who likes Francesco de Masi's scores or might even know and like the movie can't pass on its soundtrack. The main title "Who is the man?" performed by Raoul alone is worth the purchase !!!

Buy this soundtrack from

Merry christmas everyone and see you next year with more spaghetti western than you can handle!

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