Christmas shopping guide 2008

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It's that time of the year again! After much deliberation, we have compiled a selection of DVDs, CDs, books and other times that were released this year and which we deem cool enough to put under your christmas tree, for yourself, for friends, or for family. Please note that these are products from at least three different countries, make sure for example that your DVD player can play discs from other regions. Please use our Amazon links to make our Christmas equally fulfilling. Thank you and happy holidays! Thanks for making this one of the best years ever!

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  • Boasts an anamorphic widescreen transfer of the uncut film for the first time on a western DVD release.
  • Verdict: You haven't picked this one up yet? You're either waiting for the Koch Media release or you need to come up with a really lame excuse now. This movie took a very very long time to arrive on DVD, and now it's finally here. Uncut, remastered, in all it's Corbucci/Morricone glory. A must-own, must-watch, must-buy occasion.
  • Buy now: From (MGM release) | From (Optimum release)
  • Coffret Western 14 DVD
  • 14 discs by Seven7 in a wooden treasure box
  • Verdict: This one is a real treasure for francophone Spaghetti fans, 14 discs of glorious cinematic pleasure

All DVDs have French audio, those marked with an * have also Italian audio.

5 gà¢chettes d'or* (Oggi A Me, Domani A Te/Today it's me … Tomorrow you!) - Tonino Cervi

Avec Django la mort est là  (Joko Invoca Dio E Muori/Vengeance) - Antonio Margheriti

La brute, le Colt et le karaté* (Là  Dove Non Batte Il Sole/Blood Money) - Antonio Margheriti (also English audio !)

Un pistolet pour Ringo (Una Pistola Per Ringo/A Pistol for Ringo) - Duccio Tessari

Le retour de Ringo (Il Ritorno Di Ringo/Return of Ringo) - Duccio Tessari

Le dernier jour de la colà¨re* (I Giorni Dell'Ira/Day of Anger) - Tonino Valerii

Pas de pitié pour les salopards* (Al di là  della Legge/Beyond the Law) - Giorgio Stegani

Sentence de mort* (Sentenza di Morte/Death Sentence) - Mario Lanfranchi

Tire encore si tu peux!* (Se Sei Vivo Spara/Django kill) - Giulio Questi

Le jour du jugement* (Il Giorno Del Giudizio/Drummer of Vengeance) - Mario Gariazzo

Mon nom est Shanga௠Joe (Il Mio Nome àˆ Shangai Joe/My Name is Shanghai Joe) - Mario Caiano

Texas adios (Texas Addio)* - Ferdinando Baldi

Le dernier face à  face (Faccia A Faccia/Face to Face)* - Sergio Sollima

Mannaja (Mannaja) - Sergio Martino

Verflucht Koch.jpg
  • The Magnificent / Man of the East / Verflucht, Verdammt und Halleluja
  • Both releases have English audio, it's a good-looking widescreen transfer. Here's a review: Deutsch/German
  • Verdict: This classic Enzo Barboni spaghetti western, with a Terence Hill in one of his best performances finally arrives on DVD in good quality, a must own for the collector! The releases below are fairly identical
  • Buy now: From (Koch Media digipak) | From (Optimum release)
  • Red Blood, Yellow Gold & Payment in Blood (Wild East Double Feature)
  • Verdict: Another double feature release from Wild East to make your pre-christmas evenings a decent Spaghetti Western fiesta. One to own!
  • Buy now: From
  • All Koch releases boast beautifully restored anamorphic widescreen transfers, German and Italian audio tracks, as well as English subtitles for the feature film on all their releases!
  • Verdict: This year saw a whole range of releases from our darling Koch Media, and recommending only one would be pointless. A real fan should own them all, there is not doubt about that. The three outlined here are probably the most essential ones, but explore the whole collection on our overview catalog page and make sure you own the whole rainbow. We think Koch should be called Santa Koch for releasing A Pistol for Ringo just in time for christmas shopping.
  • Buy THE BIG GUNDOWN now: From
  • Buy A PISTOL FOR RINGO now: From
  • Koch Media DVD catalog


  • Das goldene Zeitalter des italienischen Films: Die 1960er Jahre
  • Language: German
  • Pages: 535
  • This book is about Italian Cinema in the 1960s. It includes texts about Italian directors and genres. From Fellini to Horror and Spaghetti Western.
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  • A New Guide To Italian Cinema
  • This handbook of Italian cinema history, while not focusing on the Spaghetti Western much, is a very interesting overview that should be on the shelf of any serious expert on the country's cinematic history.
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other items

  • Ennio Morricone in Venice - Live at Piazza San Marco (Peace Notes) (DVD + 3 Audio-CDs + Book)
  • Subtitles: German, English, Dutch, Spanish
  • Includes an Audio interview on a 3rd CD with Ennio Morricone; a 122 page hardcover book "Ennio Morricone: Mensch, Musik, Legende" in German and English
  • Verdict: the ultimate christmas gift for a Morricone fan
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