Christmas shopping guide 2009

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Welcome to the SWDB's little shopping guide 2009 for the holidays. Are you looking for a gift to give a spaghetti western fan, or are you not sure out of all the releases this year which to put into your stockings? Look no further. Here are a few items that we can recommend without hesitation

(DVD) Gatling Gun (Dorado Films, USA)

Not only is this a long-awaited favorite on DVD, it also one of Quentin Tarantino's favorite Spaghetti Westerns. Dorado Films has done a great job restoring this classic and presenting it on DVD. This great story-driven classic makes a good addition to your collection and is a worldwide rarity. Quoting from the review (link below): "All in all, this was a pretty decent, action-packed film, and an exceptional job on the DVD from Dorado, too. It's worth picking up, especially if you like story-driven plots and Robert Woods."

(Book) 10,000 Ways To Die (Alex Cox, UK)

Alex Cox's book was a welcome addition to the Spaghetti Western library this year and offered an interestingly different approach to the genre from the regular 'encyclopaedic' one. Cox discusses around 100 of what he considers the most important examples of the genre and analyses them from the unique standpoint of a film director and a fan. Never short of an opinion, the maverick film maker is both incisive and cutting; lavishing praise in some areas and damning criticism in others. What remains constant however, is his enthusiasm and willingness to be controvertial. Agree or disagree with his opinions as you wish but there's something for every fan in this ultimately entertaining book.

(DVD) Return of Ringo (Koch Media, Germany)

Long overdue for a high quality English language release, this all time classic was possibly the DVD highlight of the year. A perfect cast including Giuliano Gemma at his very best, great direction from Duccio Tessari and one of the most memorable soundtracks in the genre from the maestro himself, Ennio Morricone. This would make any fan's christmas a very happy one.

(DVD) Dead Men Don't Make Shadows/One Damned Day At Dawn... Django Meets Sartana (Wild East, USA)

Wild East gives the Ed Wood of Spaghetti Westerns some attention. And his favorite actor Hunt Powers. Here's a new double bill with two of their films. A perfect Christmas gift for a very happy trashy cult Christmas! Trashy Christmas from Demofilo Fidani & co!

(DVD) Dead Men Ride (At the End of the Rainbow) (Anda muchacho, spara!) (Koch Media, Germany)

First english friendly release of this hidden classic. Aldo Florio (virtually unknown director) directs this dramatic and emotional revenge western, starring Fabio Testi in one of his best roles. Score by Bruno Nicolai really intensifies the drama and action, one of his best. To truly appreciate it, it's worth watching more than once. Koch Media have done a great job, this film deserves it.

(DVD) Long Ride from Hell (Wild East, USA)

A Very nice transfer of this film, first time released in english. If you like action westerns you will most likely enjoy this.. as it was a pleasant surprise to a few fans. Disc includes Interview with Dick Palmer, feature with Steve Reeves, and a trailer.