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Franco Nero is Cipolla Colt, guy who sleeps in carriage full of onions, eat onions, fights with onions and even drinks them! This is crazy stuff, lots of speeded up "Benny Hill-style" slapstick humour, strange characters like gay debuties, villain with mechanical arm, gang of motorbikers etc, it even has a talking horse. This comedy western is probably aimed for kids and if you can get into the childish mind while watching it you can enjoy it otherwise it could be agonising hour and a half, especially if you're not a fan of comedy westerns. Great directing by Castellari in any case. Rating: 3/5.--Bill san Antonio 21:24, 22 February 2007 (CET)

Comedy about an onion farmer (F. Nero) who has to defend his onion fields against a greedy oil company. Not as bad as many say, but despite a few nice slapstick scenes it's often too silly not to be called awful. More boring than funny. In the end it's a film with a speaking horse, and maybe we won't like to see a curly haired Franco Nero having conversations with his horse. - by Stanton

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