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Collina degli stivali, La/BluRay

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BluRay releases of Boot Hill aka Hügel der blutigen Stiefel aka Zwei haun auf den Putz (La Collina degli stivali).


  • Label: Koch Films
  • Release date: December 9, 2021
  • Mediabook (Cover B exclusively in the Koch Films shop: original poster motive, Cover A: comedy version re-release motive) 2 BluRays and 1 CD
  • 5 versions of the movie included:
    • Disc 1: West German 1970 original theatrical version (85:49min, German only, no subtitles); East German / international export theatrical version (95:39min, German 1983 GDR dub, English); Super8 short version (31:19min, German).
    • Disc 2: Original uncut long version (100:46min, West German dub, East German dub, Italian and English); West German re-release version (84:17min "Zwei haun' auf den Putz" / German comedy dub);.
  • For the first time since its theatrical premiere in 1970 the original German theatrical version in its original dub will be included; international version with DEFA dub; All versions reconstructed from uncut restored HD material (except Super8 version);
  • Original Soundtrack on CD (29 tracks); booklet
  • Audio: German and Italian (long version only); English (international and long version)
  • Subtitles: German (long version only)
  • Extras: German (Boot Hill and Comedy Version), Italian and English trailers; picture gallery with rare advertising artworks; GDR opening credits version for Boot Hill; textless opening credits sequence;
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