Colt, in pugno al diavolo, Una

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Una colt, in pugno al diavolo (Italy 1967 / Director: Sergio Bergonzelli)

Also known as

Colt in the Hand of the Devil (USA) | Devil Was an Angel (USA) | Pronto Amigo - Ein colt in der Hand des Teufels (Germany) | Un colt dans le poing du daible (France) | Seytanlar Vadisi (Turkey) | An Angel with a Gun is a Devil | Um Colt Na Mão Do Diabo (Brazil)
Colt in the Hand of the Devil movie poster


Scotty is hired to eliminate a gang of Mexican bandits led by El Condor. Scotty craftily earns the trust of the bandits, enabling him to trap them all, but in the meantime, genuine friendship and respect have developed between him and El Condor.


  • Cast: Bob Henry (Pat 'Scotty' Scott), George Wang (El Condor), Marisa Solinas (Maya), Lucretia Love (Jane), Gerardo Rossi [as Jerry Ross](Lieutenant Dick Carson), Luciano Catenacci [as Luciano Lorcas](El Loco, Condor henchman), Luciano Benetti (Captain McDonald), Renato Chiantoni (telegrapher, piano player), Attilio Severini (Condor lieutenant), Artemio Antonini (sergeant), Ivan G. Scratuglia (soldier), Brizio Montinaro (Condor henchman)
  • Also with: Franco Gulà (villager), Mario Dardanelli (Condor henchman), Gilberto Galimberto (soldier), Lina Franchi (saloon girl), Salvatore Campochiaro (white-haired Mexican), Renato Pinciroli (barman), Giovanni Sabbatini (Slim, prison guard), Remo Capitani (saloon brawler), Omero Capanna (saloon brawler), Alba Maiolini (Jane's mother, wagon train pioneer), Calogero Azzaretto (Condor henchman), Marcello Meconizzi (Condor henchman), Cam Anell
  • Story: Sergio Bergonzelli
  • Screenplay: Sergio Bergonzelli, Ambrogio Molteni
  • Cinematography: Aldo Greci [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,85:1]
  • Music: Gian Piero Reverberi [as Giampiero Reverberi]
  • Song: "A Devil Was An Angel" sung by Mino Reitano
  • Producer: Sergio Bergonzelli


Not to be confused with the similarly titled Una Colt in mano del diavolo

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 100 min

Release Dates

  • Release Date: 24.11.1967
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